Hey guys, the following is a letter from the author, Ro Yu-Jin. The same letter, along with my own and my editor's, is in the Afterword after the last chapter.

Dear WuxiaWorld readers,

Hello, this is Ro Yu-Jin.

The Second Coming of Gluttony, which is being serialized on WuxiaWorld, has now seen the completion of the main story with the side stories approaching the end.

Recently, I've read the Second Coming of Gluttony again. There were many occasions where I thought, 'Why did I write like this?' it was quite embarrassing, so much so that I kicked my blankets at night.

I felt the same thing when I reread my first work. It seems an author always has regrets when they reread their work upon completion.

I told myself when I finished MEMORIZE, 'Let's not write like this in my next work', and I'm thinking the same thing now after finishing The Second Coming of Gluttony.

What motivates me to write are the readers' comments. I could not be happier as an author if the story I imagine in my head and tell with my writing gives...

by FudgeNouget

Below is a letter from the author, Ro Yu-Jin, to you guys, the readers!


Dear WuxiaWorld Readers, 

Hello, this is Ro Yu-Jin. To be honest, I am nervous as I am writing this letter, and everything feels so surreal. I never imagined a day would come when I would communicate with foreign readers.

Looking back, it was the same when I received word that my novel would be serialized in a foreign webnovel platform. Even when I heard about it on the phone and then had a meeting about it, I found it hard to believe. 

'My novel is going to be translated into English? Really?' 

I felt like I was on cloud nine.

I never considered this a possibility before I started writing, so I was worried whether the international audience would like my novel... but I think I was more happy than anything else. Showing the world of my imagination to more readers and giving them enjoyment, that is a very happy thing to an author. 

Thankfully, I was really happy to learn that international readers were really loving my novel. Going...

by FudgeNouget

Hello everyone! 

Yes, it is time! The Second Coming of Gluttony is returning, officially licensed by WuxiaWorld, for all of you to enjoy! 

Here are some things you should know! 

1. Introduction
Yours truly, FudgeNouget, will be translating this series (no surprise there!); dMomo will be the editor for the series.

2. Schedule
a) I will be translating 1 chapter a day with a break-day on the 15th and 31st of every month. For months that do not have the 31st, that obviously means no break.
b) A new chapter will come out at 9 AM, Eastern Time (UTC-5)

3. Support
This will be WuxiaWorld's first officially licensed Korean novel (though many more will come in the near future!)
Support this novel to directly support me, WuxiaWorld, the Korean publishing company, the author, and the future of Korean webnovel scene as a whole!
Any support is greatly appreciated!
P.S. Getting VIP supports WuxiaWorld. If you want to support me, consider directly sponsoring the novel instead!

4. Contact
The easiest way to contact me is via Discord. You can...

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So my editor and I have been reading you guys' feedbacks in this downtime that the contract is being ironed out. We discussed many different options, and we finally came to a decision. We think this will make the system far more clear for all readers while looking really clean!

The system will now be Rank (Modifer). 

For example: Strength: Low (Low), Dexterity: Intermediate (High). "Mana stat increases from Low (High) to Intermediate (Low)"  

We think this system will be easy to understand for both new readers and old readers alike. Thanks to all who gave their thoughts and suggestions. 

My editor (dMomo) is slowly (but surely) editing the earlier chapters that were done by another translator since they have not been thoroughly edited before. Hopefully, this will make the experience much better for any new readers who might hop on aboard. 

by FudgeNouget

Read the previous post if you're curious

As you guys can see from the result, it was pretty much a 50/50. 

Previously: changing convention. (Read below).

Also, my editor, dMomo, will be going through the initial 90 chapters done by another translator since they haven't been thoroughly edited.

EDIT: Alright, after MORE consideration, I've decided to keep it as is. I put in a footnote when the system is first introduced to explain how the convention works. 

Additionally, I'll be trying writing the first one (i.e. the modifier) in lowercase. So it will be: low-Low --> intermediate-Low --> high-Low --> low-Intermediate --> and so on

by FudgeNouget

Hey guys, 

If you have time, take a quick poll here to say which system you prefer to denote the rank. At the moment, I am using Modifier-Rank, which I think is more suited to English, but I've also heard people say that Rank-Modifier is less confusing. For example, "High-Low" means "High-sublevel of the Low-rank".


Depending on the result, I will announce a change, and my editor and I will go through the chapters and make the edits as necessary. 

Current: Low-Low --> Intermediate-Low --> High-Low --> Low-Intermediate --> Intermediate-Intermediate --> ... -> ...

Potential change: Low-Low --> Low-Intermediate -> Low-High --> Intermediate-Low --> ... --> High-Low --> ...

by FudgeNouget

There should be formatting errors that are mainly of the two type: 

1) Long horizontal line. WuxiaWorld editor converts three asterisks (***) to that long line. I need to reconvert them.

2) Misplaced footnotes. If you see [efn_note]blah blah[/efn_note], I need to change them.

Let me know all formatting issues on this thread in the comments. If you see any typos or any other errors, let me know here as well! 

by FudgeNouget