The Novel's Extra is hereby complete! 

It has been a 15-month journey. I don't even know where to begin.

First, let me thank all the readers who have read this story and my translation. When I first began to read this story, it only had about 45 chapters. It was around chapter 20 that I was starting to fall in love with it and around 50 that I began to love it. And around chapter 130, when Chae Jinyoon died, this novel had reached a Masterpiece status in my heart. I think I am speaking for everyone when I say that the story could have gone in a much better direction after the first half. 

I am left with a bittersweet feeling now that the story has been completed. Almost like finishing a long marathon that you cannot quit in the middle. I am happy to have found out how the story finishes. If I was not translating the series, I would have dropped the novel in the middle and perhaps read spoilers about how the story ended. As someone who loves novels, I cannot help but think what direction the novel could have gone...

by FudgeNouget

To Readers,

I am confused as to why I have to make this announcement, but it seems some of you do not understand that The Novel's Extra is NOT FINISHED.

The author has been up to his usual antics of going on hiatuses, and the latest chapter he has released is Part 1 of the second chapter is Epilogue. This means there is one chapter left to go (I hesitate to give an exact date as to when the author will release this due to how often he delays his chapters). 

I have no been making announcements for every delay that the author announces because it would simply be too tedious. You can always go check out the RAW site if you want updates. But I have consistently released chapters within 1~3 days that the author has released his. 

I am not withholding the release of chapters as some of you think. Once the author completes the story and the final advanced chapter goes up, TNE will return to 1 chapter a day schedule until the series is complete. Some of you also seem to think I should just release the chapters that are available...

by FudgeNouget

Hey guys,

As you may have noticed, TNE is approaching its end. According to the author's announcement made today, there will be 1 or 2 chapters left until the end. For regular non-sponsor readers, that is 13 or 14 chapters.

If you haven't noticed, I have turned off the ability to subscribe to the novel a few weeks ago when I noticed the ending was near.

It's been a long journey, and I will write a more detailed, thorough letter once the series is finished (for regular readers). 


by FudgeNouget

Hey guys!

I accidentally forgot to put in the chapter I translated into the google doc for it to be edited ^^;; 

Today's chapter will be out tomorrow. 

In other news, the author's new release schedule SEEMS to be Monday~Sat. Back to 6ch/week.

But knowing the author, I wouldn't be surprised if it became 5ch/week. 

by FudgeNouget

Hello guys, 

I checked on Munpia for any TNE updates. The Author released an "emergency news" that said his hiatus will be extended until the 29th. 

He says he has been going to the hospital and will be able to focus on writing once he fully recovers soon. 

If any sponsor would like a refund for this month, feel free to email WuxiaWorld support. I've already notified them to give full refunds to anyone asking. 

by FudgeNouget

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It seems the author is taking a break until 7/23, so yeah.... Not much I can do!

Hey guys,

I haven't really been making a lot of announcements, just because the author seems to make a postpone announcement every other day, but I thought I'd give you guys some updates on everything that's happened. 

1) The Author SEEMS to have switched the 4ch/week (or maybe even less, to be honest, as he is having difficulties writing, as he says). He says he has everything plotted out until the ending of the novel but just can't get the words out. Regardless, I try to release whatever he does within a day (or two). Recently, I've been releasing one every other day since it is now 4ch/week or less. 

The story is close to ending, according to the author. So we are almost there!

2) The author has not released the newest chapter yet as of this post, but it seems he will do so within the next 24 hours. I am actually will be going on a business trip for the weekend; but, like I said, the goal is for me to translate this...

by FudgeNouget

The chapter will be back tomorrow! 

I got my wisdom teeth pulled and have been suffering from the following pain (+headache). 

by FudgeNouget

Hey guys, 

I'm back with some more updates regarding a couple of things. 

1) The author of TNE has changed the release schedule to 4ch/week (this actually happened last week. I just didn't see the notice until recently). The ending of the novel isn't too far off, though. 

2) The author made an announcement today. He apparently already has an ending in mind, but due to health problems, he is going to take write slower for a couple of days. He says he will release 2~3 chapters worth of content on Saturday (Korean time). I'm not sure if that means he will release 2~3 chapters, or a single chapter worth 2~3 chapters in length. Regardless, it's looking there won't be any chapter for a couple of days. 

I will let you guys know if there are other updates. 

by FudgeNouget

In case anyone is wondering about the lack of chapters, I'm still caught up to the author. I'll always post it either on the day of the official release or the day after.


by FudgeNouget

1) Author has resumed. There will be a chapter tomorrow (Friday). Now, I'm not sure if the Author will be releasing chapters for the rest of the week to make up for his break, but chapters will be released if he does. 

2) I just realized while translating the latest chapter that I momentarily forgot about the distinction between Returners and Regressors, which I clarified some hundred+ chapters ago. This was just to make the terminology more consistent with other Korean novels (mainly, the Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint). I still think "Returner" sounds better than "Regressor", which was why I defaulted to the former, haha. 

I made the necessary changes in the recent chapter(s) - this especially applies to one of the advance chapters, where the term "Returner" was used instead of "Regressor". 

I have to constantly remind myself to use the term Regressor since the word "return" comes up more often. 

3) As I mentioned in the last post, I will be translating The Second Coming of Gluttony. I have purchased the chapters...

by FudgeNouget

Bad news guys. The Author is taking a 4-day break. He says he will be back this Thursday at 4PM (Korean Time), which is something like Wednesday 3 AM for us.
So it looks like the intermittent releases will continue...

For those who have not heard, I will be translating a new novel, The Second Coming of Gluttony, on a site different than WuxiaWorld.
So I guess this means I have more time to translate that, so... there's that! This novel is completed so we won't have this issue either, heh.

For those wondering, this novel will be released around the end of June (or at least, that is what I have been told by the site owners). So keep on the lookout for that!

Author's Announcement: 

EDIT: AUthor's taking a 3-day break, not 4-day haha. 

by FudgeNouget

Hello readers, 

I'm changing the chapter release time to 6 PM (USE), which is 2 hours later than when it normally comes out. This isn't a one-time thing, so it will always come out at 6 from now!

by FudgeNouget

*Sweats in Mad Snail*

Author's taking a one-day break. He said he is having difficulty writing and needs more time. 

He's literally Hajin. Where is his co-author.

by FudgeNouget

Author made an update saying he needed a bit more time. Not sure if he's still planning on doing 5 chapters this week, but I think he is since he didn't say he wouldn't. For us, that might be 4 chapters this week and 6 chapters next week (since Korea is 13 hours ahead). 

Anyhow, no chapter today it looks like either since the author hasn't uploaded a new chapter. 

by FudgeNouget

Author's suffering from back pain and delayed the chapter by a day. So no chapter today!

PS: There should still be 5 chapters this week (or 4 this week and 6 next week, since Korea is 13 hours ahead of US timezone). The problem is I don't know when the author will upload (he uploads when I'm sleeping usually). 

by FudgeNouget

Hey guys, Fudge back here with another schedule change announcement! (It's not me, it's the author!!) 

He changed from Mon-Fri (Korean time) to Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat (Korean Time). He usually had a delay in the week anyways. 

Now, our schedule was Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sun. (though I've been releasing chapters on saturdays because of author's delay, haha). 

Our new schedule will be Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun except today's chapter will be delayed due to personal reason..

TLDR; No chapter today. Still will be 5 chapters per week (Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun) starting from next week.

EDIT: There may be some discrepencies as I haven't really calculated what days the chapter goes out plus the one-day buffer I usually like to give chapters so that I don't translate a chapter 2 hours after it's out (in case author makes changes). Anyhow there will always be 5 chapters a week!

by FudgeNouget

Author delayed this week's 5th chapter so that one will come out tomorrow instead of today.

by FudgeNouget

Hey guys, this is my finals week and I have a bunch of studying/projects/hw to finish up. 

The release schedule for this week will be kind of random. There will still be 5 chapters as usual though.

No chapter for today though. 

EDIT: No chapter today is because the author delayed this week's chapter by a day as well.

by FudgeNouget

TNE's Author is took a break for a day and is releasing two the next day. This means that there won't be a chapter tomorrow, but two chapters will come out on Friday.

by FudgeNouget

The current TNE schedule is Tuesday-Saturday at the usual time (4pm EST). It will be changed to Tuesday~Friday + Sunday, so that there isn't a 2-day gap where there is no chapter. 

If the author releases a bonus chapter (i.e. 6 chapters in a week), then we will also have 6 chapters that week! He only does this very occasionally though. 

So today's chapter will come out tomorrow!

by FudgeNouget


With today's release (that will come out in about an hour), we will have officially caught up with the author. 

The author's official release schedule is 5ch/week, Monday through Friday (but the author only released 4 chapters last week for whatever reason). 

Starting from tomorrow, I will try to get chapters released a day after the author's release day, so we will go down to 5ch/week as well. 

Stay in tune for future updates including a new novel or sponsorship changes.

EDIT: Author released two chapters today (Monday), I'm guessing to make one up from last week? Anyhow, we'll continue this release schedule and see where it takes us. 

by FudgeNouget

NEWS 1) Hey guys, this is the week that we are changing from 7/ch week to 6 ch/week to accommodate the Author's schedule (there will be no chapter on Sunday, generally). 

The highest tier subs are currently 5 chapters behind the RAWs, and the author is releasing 5 ch/week. So until we fully catch up, we will be going at 6 ch / week starting from this week. Afterwards, we will be switching to 5 ch / week (that will be in a month, so new subscribers should beware!) 

NEW 2) Tomorrow's chapter will be released Wednesday (so it will be another double release).


by FudgeNouget