Hi everyone,

It's that time of the year again.   

Yup, we've hit 2000 public chaps!!!

Here comes the information that I think most people wanted to know when they clicked on this post. I'll be posting 8 bonus chaps today, and the other 6 will be posted over the course of 3 days. XD

So, to summarize, 8 bonus chaps on Monday(today), 2 bonus chaps on Tuesday, 2 bonus chaps on Wednesday, and 2 bonus chaps on Thursday.

I'd love to make a lengthy post right now, but I really have to get back to translating if I want to meet the schedule that I just promised. So let's just leave this short and sweet?   

Thanks for the support and love over the years.   


by InVader

Hi everyone,

This journey that started 3 years ago is finally coming to an end. Allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude for the support you've given me throughout this ride through Chen Xi's life.

 I've made this post as a notification towards the approximate completion dates for each tier, please do prepare to set your subscriptions to not renew once you get close enough to the relevant completion dates.

First things first, I've decided to extend the Quarantine Relief bonus chapters until the novel ends. Why? Because it'll trouble everyone with having to wait a few days to catch back up. So, all the current advanced chapter levels stay until the end! Yay! :D 

I say they are approximate completion dates because it's really difficult to calculate when I have to consider both the milestone bonus chaps and the epilogue chaps which the author himself splits into numerous huge chunks but actually consist of only 5 epilogue stories. I might have made mistakes with the calculations because of that. I apologize if I did...

by InVader

Early chapters! Yay! We're almost at the 2000 mark!   

Sometimes it amazes me how time flies. I feel like it has been a year or maybe 1.5 years since translating TE became my full time job. But the truth is... we're a little over 4 months away from 3 years of TE. Based on my estimations, top sponsors should be able to finish reading the entire novel around the end of July(I'll make a post in the future to notify sponsors of the exact dates for each tier); public chaps should be done around the end of September(I launched TE on the 10th of September in 2017).

I actually wanted to ask if you would prefer the upcoming 14 bonus chapters for the 2000 chapter milestone in the form of 1 bonus chapter a day over 2 weeks or 2 bonus chapters a day over 1 week. I'm asking much earlier because a 14 chapter bonus involves a good amount of prep work, and I have to sort of schedule how I'll get them done for the posting. I've kinda gotten tired of polls, so please do leave comments with your opinions in the comment section below....

by InVader

Hi everyone,

I've been thinking long and hard about this. 

To be honest, the last quarantine relief thing I did for ASD seemed to be well received but I did receive some complaints.

The best suggestion I got was from a comment from sgorava on my last post which was a suggestion to temporarily increase the amount of chapters provided in each tier.

That does make things easier but I had to face another problem — I'd made a promise that I wouldn't make the gap between public chaps and advanced chaps too big. So, it's impossible to add more to the highest fixed amount tier 'the Fiendgod Tier'.

So, my solution to all of that is....

1) Provide a temporary increase of chapters to all tiers below the unlimited 'Oracle Mountain tier'.

2) Temporarily transform all the tiers above the 'Oracle Mountain Tier' into unlimited tiers until the sponsors in those tiers can downgrade to the 'Oracle Mountain Tier'.

3) Keep the unlimited 'Oracle Mountain Tier' open throughout this period.

The changes in the tiers are listed below.

Tier NamePrevious...
by InVader

Hi everyone, 

Some have asked me why I didn't extend a similar 'Quarantine Relief Tier' to TE. 

The truth is that all of this is a personal decision of mine, so I'm not too sure what the implications will be when trying to close the tier once COVID-19 passes. 

I assembled a few points to explain this. 

1) ASD is a relatively new novel when compared to TE and has much fewer readers, so it's easier to handle when complications arise. 

2) I'm not too sure how I'm going to close/make the tier go away because there isn't an actual mechanism to stop renewals and delete the tier. 

3) I might end up having to put hours of time into making multiple posts about it on the site and sending hundreds of emails to tell everyone to cancel. 

4) I might have to manually send emails and get help manually refunding all renewals that occur after the date I intend to stop the tier. 

So, all of this is highly uncertain and I'm taking a huge risk with this. Thus, I'm sorry that I'm unable to extend it to TE, but I really don't want to possibly...

by InVader

Hi everyone, 

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Just wanted to wish everyone and let you know that I've opened up the Oracle Mountain Tier again. 

I would give out some bonus chapters for the occasion but I just did the 5 chaps for 1700 public chaps bonus, so no extra chaps this time! Sorry!

The tier will be open until the end of January, last day will be on the 1st of February.

If you're a subscriber of a higher tier like the Fiendgod tier and wish to be moved down because your subscription will only be renewed after the 1st of February(because the system doesn't allow 'downgrades' until the subscription period is up), then drop me an email at [email protected] or send me a PM on discord.

Please do send me these emails/PMs by Sunday because this is a manual task. I'm going to ask our Technomancers to help me with that on Monday, and I don't want to trouble them repeatedly.

P.S. Take care of yourselves and stay safe from the new Coronavirus! 

by InVader

Hi everyone,

It's finally time for the Christmas mass release!!!

There'll be a total of 18 bonus chaps which include the appreciation chaps for sponsors at the Oracle Mountain Tier, 5 bonus chaps for hitting chapter 1600, and a few bonus chaps from me. <3

Enjoy the chaps for now and stay tuned for another announcement from me in some time from now!! XD


P.S. The other announcement will only appear on the front page and won't send notifications out. It should appear there in a few hours from now at most.

Edit: I only slept an hour the night before, so that announcement has been delayed slightly because I fell asleep yesterday. It will be done soon! Sorry!

by InVader


The current book is almost at its end. So, It's time I reopen the Oracle Mountain tier again for sponsors to binge through and get a head start on the excitement in the next book. This time it'll be open from now until the 5th of November.

As a special Christmas is coming thing, I'll release one extra chapter for each active sponsor in the Oracle Mountain Tier on Christmas Day. (Don't worry about the chapter stockpile, I always make it my goal to have increased the stockpile by an equal amount of chapters for sponsors of the Oracle Mountain Tier to read before it goes back down when I release public chapters.)

P.S. I might split some to New Years day if I have too many chapters to complete for the bonus. (Fingers crossed? XD)

P.S.S I meant book as in volume, I refer to TE as a Novel with many 'Books' and not just a Book. :P

by InVader


As usual, 5 bonus chaps for completing 100 public chaps.

Secondly, due to popular request, I've reopened the unlimited tier for the entire month of June! Enjoy!

Thanks for all the support and I hope all of you continue to enjoy Chen Xi's journey! XD

by InVader

Happy Birthday Jay!! <3

P.S. Birthdays are part of the annual leave days. So it's just one chap today and one chap tomorrow instead of no chaps today. :D

by InVader

Hi everyone, 

We'll be hitting 1,000 chapters on the last day of February, 10 days from now!

Time really flies. It feels like not too long ago that I started doing TE at 7 chapters a week if I remember correctly. Now we're at 14 chapters a week with a bunch of bonuses, and we're almost halfway to completion! 

Thank you everyone for sticking with me so far into this journey, and I hope you'll all be there to get through the finish line with me.

Now as promised before, there'll be two things happening during the milestone period.

1) There'll be a total of 14 extra chapters distributed on a daily basis from the 1st to 14th of March. So, those 2 weeks will have a total of 3 chapters every single day!

2) The Unlimited Oracle Mountain Tier has been reopened for sponsorship, and it will stay reopened until the 31st of March!

Thanks for all the support, and I hope you enjoy the story and the extra chapters that are coming soon!

P.S. I'm making this announcement early because I'm going on a short 3 day vacation nearby from the...

by InVader

I have personal/family matters to attend to. I'll replace the chapters on the 14th which is supposed to have no chapters because of single awareness/valentines day. Sorry.

by InVader

Hi everyone,
It's the season of giving, so here I am, InVader Claus, to give everyone some holiday treats.

1) I made some changes to my annual leave. The year end holiday leave has been reduced from 6 to 4 days. So, instead of 24th, 25th, 26th , 30th, 31st in December and the 1st of January, I'll only be taking off days for the 24th, 25th, 31st, and 1st.
2) In the spirit of Christmas, I'll be giving out 1 extra chapter for every day during the 12 days of Christmas (25th December to 5th Jan). 

So, that will be a total of 16 chapters for this holiday season!!

Merry Christmas in advance and enjoy the chaps! <3
Ho Ho Ho

by InVader

Hi everyone,
I have to say sorry first to everyone especially the sponsors of TE. I know everyone, especially the sponsors in the Oracle Mountain Tier were looking forward to more chaps since I just returned from my holiday (Tokyo) today. 

Unfortunately, I came back to the news that my Aunt passed away this morning. So, I'll have to fly over tomorrow morning to attend the funeral and further family matters for 3 days(Sun, Mon, and Tue).

I've pretty much burned down my stockpile to the point I only had enough for today and tomorrow, and I was actually hoping to replenish it tomorrow. However, due to the current circumstances, I might have to owe some chapters on Monday and Tuesday if I'm unable to find the time to TL while attending to these matters.

There's no need to worry about it because I'll probably be able to make up for those chapters by the end of the week, and this post is just to notify everyone that there might not be any chapters on Monday and Tuesday. 

Sorry again, and thanks for your understanding.


by InVader

Hi everyone, 

I'll be going on holiday to Tokyo from the 16th until the 1st of Dec. 

Chapters will still be posted at the usual weekly rate, and I'll even be translating during my trip. 

The only difference is that the posting times might go off depending on when I have the time to post, or if I'm too tired and replace them on the next day instead.

Besides that, I received a few requests from existing sponsors that are current sponsors of higher tiers or past sponsors to the Oracle Mountain tier and had to take a break for certain reasons. 

So, I've decided to re-open the Oracle Mountain tier as a special unlock from now until the end of the month. 

Sponsors on higher tiers that wish to be moved down earlier before the date of their renewal can send me a message on discord or an email at [email protected] with your Wuxiaworld username and email, whereas, sponsors on lower tiers will just have to upgrade as usual.

Thanks and enjoy!

P.S. I'm thinking about doing a Black Friday/Christmas discount sale, but I can't confirm...

by InVader

Hi everyone,

I've tried contests and giveaways, but I got 0 entries for the contest and 9 people for the giveaways. I consider these events failures, and it saddens me.
So, I've decided to put an end to this sort of events for now and start a permanent event, something I used to do while I TL-ed for the site that must not be named. LMAO

The event is fairly simple, and it will start when TE hits 700 public chaps in a few days. The actual method of distribution will be up to a poll because both methods technically provide the same amount of chapters, and it's just a matter of getting them evenly or not.


Option No1: Five Chapters Every 100 Public Chapters With 2x 21 Chapter Weeks Instead When We Hit 1000/2000 Chapters

Option No2: Number of Chapters Ranges From 1 to 9 Every 100 Public Chapters With 2x 21 Chapter Weeks Instead When We Hit 1000/2000 Chapters

Example for Option 1 = 5 chapters will be released every time the public chapters hit a round number of an extra 100, like the upcoming 700,...

by InVader

Talisman Emperor is finally a year old! Well it was actually around 13hours ago when the first announcement was made~

Quick shameless reminder before I announce the winners.
The subscription period for the UNLIMITED tier named 'Talisman Emperor' has been extended until the 1st of October!

Now for the list of winners.
The winner of the upgraded copy is EpicLegion!!! - (Claimed)

The four winners of the standard copies are:
Krazey - (Claimed)
Dave212 - (Claimed)
zedleeftw - (Claimed)
Laoshifu - (Claimed)

Congratulations to everyone that did win and sorry to everyone that didn't. Good luck in the next event I hold.
It was a really close RNG battle because I only received 9 entries from 8 people >..>

Winners, please send me an email with your game of choice and country of residence so I can buy the copy from the right source. I'll be sending all of you an email as well once I'm done with a few chapters for today. As mentioned before, you have a week to claim your prizes.

Thanks and enjoy the novel as usual!

by InVader

In the blink of an eye, an entire year has almost passed. How we've grown from a launch of 43 chaps and 7/week release rate to over 600 chaps and 14/week.
I still remember how I used to struggle with the Author's strings of four characters, and how i used to click bait and get flamed by everyone.       
Anyway, time to get to the event post.


Special shoutout to Jay for staying with me all this time!!   

You'll find the events below:

1) The UNLIMITED tier named 'Talisman Emperor' will be reopened for everyone to subscribe to from now until the 1st of October! (Extended)

2) I'll be giving away 4 standard digital copies and 1 digital copy at the upgraded deluxe/croft/gold editions of new and upcoming PC games. The winners can choose from Monster Hunter: World, Shadow of The Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed Odysseys, and Darksiders 3. (Why these four? Because I'm playing and like them!   )

How To Enter

You can earn a total of 4 entry tickets through the...

by InVader

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to remind everyone that the sponsorship tier called the Talisman Emperor Tier that provides full access to every single chapter I have as soon as I finish translating it will be transformed into an exclusive tier in the next few hours(Midnight today GMT+8).

Once it's transformed into an exclusive tier, only existing sponsors will be able to renew their sponsorship, and others will only be able to join the tier when I open it up for sponsorship on various different occasions.

P.S. If existing sponsors to the tier have problems renewing, or anyone has any questions, please feel free to send me a message on discord. Thanks!

by InVader

Hi everyone!

At the end of this week, the 5th of August, the Talisman Emperor Tier that provides full access to every single chapter I have as soon as I finish translating the chapter will be transformed into an exclusive tier. This means that from the 6th of August onward, only existing sponsors to the tier will be able to renew their monthly sponsorship in the tier, whereas, new admittance will not be open under normal circumstances. Yes, since I said normal circumstances, there are 'abnormal' circumstances. I'll be opening the tier up for sponsorship every now and then, or I'll give out invitations to join the tier to select existing sponsors in other tiers, or it will be opened up for sponsorship during certain events and occasions.

Besides that, TE will be having 21 chaps in total this week!! 14 regular chaps, 5 chaps from the 500 chapter milestone, and 2 more just because we're entering the Dark Reverie!!

P.S. Do check out my 2nd novel, God of Illusions, HERE!!

by InVader

Hi, I promised to do something for the 500 chapter milestone so here it is. Part one will be numerous changes to almost all the tiers and the addition of some tiers.

Nether Transformation Realm = Advanced chapter permanently access increased from 10>11

Earthly Immortal Realm = Advanced chapter access permanently increased from 20>22

Heavenly Immortal Realm = Advanced chapter access permanently increased from 30>33

Mysterious Immortal Realm = Advanced chapter access permanently increased from 40>44

Golden Immortal Realm = Advanced chapter access permanently increased from 50>55

Emperor = Advanced chapter access permanently increased from 80>85

Talisman Emperor = Subscription to this tier will be exclusive and limited to only the sponsors subscribed to the tier by the end of the month or later if implementation of such functionality is delayed. After it's locked to the sponsors at that time, new sponsor slots will only be opened for certain events. (For example, if you're currently subscribed to the tier, then you'll continue...

by InVader


Been less than a year and we're already at 500!!
With the WW retreat that I just attended and the launch of my second novel on Volare next week(12th of July), I totally forgot that this 500 milestone was coming up. :(
So I'm going to play it a little different this time. 

Everyone can comment with a reasonable giveaway/prize/event/competition for this 500 chapter milestone and I'll implement one or maybe more!! :)

Besides that, here's a sneak peek of my new novel, God of Illusions, that's launching next week.

Book One — Rising In Starnet Academy

Chapter 1 – You Seem To Be Talented….

Infinite Mountain Range, as an existence that caused others to reveal terror upon mentioning its name, an ordinary person should have kept away from it. But, it wasn’t the slightest bit silent here today.

In midair, a ‘birdman’ worked hard to flap his wings, yet its effect wasn’t quite obvious, and he collided right onto a towering tree….

“Motherfucker! I forgot the matters of this land. Fortunately, I have fucking good luck.” As...

by InVader

Hi everyone,
This post is mainly for people that have joined or are about to join the Talisman Emperor sponsor tier.
I've decided to implement a minimum amount of updates per month for the top tier, and I'll announce the monthly total of chapters a few days before the month begins. (Minimum monthly updates will be at least 60 even in my busiest month.)
For example, I'll be promising 70 chaps updated for the top tier next month, and I'll announce different amounts each month according to how much time I think I will have. This means that the top tier will gain an extra 10 chapters when compared to the normal release or other tiers next month. 

So, chap count in June for Talisman Emperor tier = ch537 until ch606

Secondly, the month is about to end. All tiers with bonuses according to total number of sponsors will be reset to the amount of sponsors currently sponsoring. I'll be doing a reset like this at the beginning of every month, and there'll only be increases according to sponsors but no decreases if sponsors upgrade...

by InVader

EDIT: Launching early put enough pressure on me to make it stable at 100+ since yesterday! XD

Hi everyone,

The Talisman Emperor tier for sponsors has been launched. It's going to have a minimum of 100 advanced chapters and an infinite maximum. That means everyone will be able to stay ahead of the latest published chapter by a minimum of 100 chapters.
I'm launching this tier a tad bit earlier, so it only contains 97 chapters right now, and I'll be able to maintain a guaranteed amount of 100+ by the end of the week. (It will actually hit 100 by the end of the day, but I expect myself to be busy tomorrow, so it might drop to 99 before I can push it back to 100+ on Sunday and maintain it at 100+ with certainty.)

Enjoy and thanks for the support!!! :D

by InVader

Hi guys and girls!!
All the TE chapters for the In-House advanced chapter system have been uploaded.
There will be one final tier addition in another 2 weeks, and this tier will provide full access to every single chapter I have just minutes after I complete work on it.
Thanks for supporting me so far, and let's enjoy Chen Xi's journey together! XD

EDIT 11/5 : Forgot to get site credits enabled. They work now. :)

by InVader