I usually don't do announcements for other sites, but this is one of the rare exceptions.

The translation of Stellar Transformations, which started with our own he-man and went through twists and turns and multiple translators, has finally been completed! This includes the final chapters, with the Linley/Linmeng and Hong Meng cameos as well. You can go find it all at Translation Nations. This is the second major Xuanhuan novel to be completed, and once again it is an IET novel...and the one that really kickstarted the current wave. I spoke about the impact he-man and ST had on me here as well, and I am so happy that this novel has been finished!

by RWX

Hey guys, a lot of you are or were ST fans, so I wanted to share this post I made on reddit not long ago with you, as this is something near and dear to my heart. Alas, it seems ST will be looking for a translator yet again...which is why provoked my (very wordy) post. Anyhow, just wanted to share. I try to avoid posting this sort of soapboxy stuff, but this is really, really close to the heart for me...

EDIT - Thanks for all the kind words, guys. Just to clarify though, this hasn't been a problem for me, and you guys here at WW have been awesome (seriously), and I am incredibly thankful for having you all. This is more directed towards what I've seen on other sites, esp. w/regards to the game of ST football :(

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So as many of the newer readers of ST know, after he-man's disappearance when translating through Book 11 of Stellar Transformations, the translation has gone through some rather hectic times, including numerous different translators taking on and dropping the project, sometimes simultaneously. Due to some philosophical disputes between translators, as well as some hurtful comments by readers, one of them, Rylain, an excellent translator who is currently working on Transcending the Nine Heavens, ended up dropping his translation of Stellar Transformations and also removing his chapters, creating a 16 chapter gap. This, obviously, created difficulties for any newer readers (or, indeed, any readers who wanted to go back to reread those chapters).

Let me emphasize that Stellar Transformations has a special place in my heart; it was he-man's translation of ST which first got me into reading Xianxia, first ST, then CD, and more. In a very real way, you can say that if it hadn't been for ST, there would have been no...

by RWX

To 'Stellar Transformations' fans,

As you all know, that Rylain has taken off his translations of chapter 33-48. So in an effort to have all the Stellar Transformations readable here @ wuxiaworld, I've decided to do them myself.

fyi, I will do this on top of weekly releases the furthers the story from chapter 64+. So the bridging sequence will be quite slow.

That's all from me, Thunderhill

I do find it strange that Ren doesn't post the new (1-2 chapters behind) releases on the front page....

by thunderhill1

Hey guys, I think most of you are aware of this by now, but since I see comments on it every so often, I wanted to make it clearer for the newer fans; currently, Stellar Transformations is being actively translated at two locations; Rylain at Nightbreeze Translations and thunder at Thunder Translations. The translation at Wuxiaworld stopped at Book 11, Chapter 32. Nightbreeze has translated chapters 33 - 53, while thunder has translated chapters 49 - 64.

I've spoken to both translators, and so for chapters 33 - 48, the relevant ST pages on Wuxiaworld now has links to Nightbreeze's translation, while from chapter 49 onwards, thunder has agreed to let me fully mirror his translation releases here, so new readers have a place to read from start to finish. Note that the latest chapter updates will be at Nightbreeze/thunder, as thunder has requested that for now, I stay at least 1-2 chapters behind his latest release, which makes perfect sense to me.

Hopefully, this is of some use to some of our ST fans! :)

by RWX

Hey guys, internet is up! Book 11, Chapter 38 - Desiring a Divine Spark? of Coiling Dragon has been released! If you like it, please consider joining me in thanking our generous sponsors for it: greekyle, DV of Illinois, GF of Louisiana, JFK of Ireland, NR of Alberta, and JCSL of Mexico. Thank you so much for donating, guys!

Also, Aequitas very silently and slyly uploaded Book 11, Chapter 32 - Auctioning the Heaven-Sundering Diagram of Stellar Transformations without making an announcement post, so permit me to make it for him!

by RWX

Hi guys, since James was busy this week, I (Ren) coordinated with Aequitas, then spent some time here and there and managed to cobble up a 'guest' translation for Stellar Transformations, Book 11, Chapter 31: Contending in Secret. It took longer than I expected, mostly because I had to align a lot of the translation terms that I would've used with what was actually/already used, but in the end, I think I got it all. Happy reading guys!



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Hi all, I'm Aequitas from spcnet forums (jeffdaking on wordpress)! I'm really grateful to Ren for reaching out to my group and letting us post our translations of Stellar Transformations to his website. So as of now, all the chapters translated by my group, Book 11, Chapters 14-25 have all been posted here.

But wait, there's more! Here's two new chapters:

Translated by me: Book 11, Chapter 26 – The Superior Divine Beast with the Strongest Combat Strength

Translated by Saima: Book 11, Chapter 27 – Arrival of the Heavenly Tribulation

by jeffdaking