Dearest SOTR readers, I happen to translate another novel about politics and war in ancient China, and we are closing in on the midway point of ROS! Let. us. celebrate with ROS’ first major event: art contest!

There will be a scene and a character category in which people are free to draw any of their favorite scenes and characters. Perhaps it’s when Pang Xiao first stole over the roof to peek on Qin Yining, or when the trampress got what she deserved. Maybe you’re a fan of best dad Qin Huaiyuan, or you think there’s some redeeming factors in Qin Huining. Whatever it is, show off your talents to the world and make ROS come to life!

Submissions are open here and prizes will be given for the first, second, and third places decided by moi and others, as well as a community fan favorite through voting. First place wins $100, second wins $75, third wins $50, and community vote wins $25.

I’m really excited to see what everyone comes up with! Happy birthday ROS! <<this here be the novel link.


PS. Why am I calling 500...

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Herro all! May 15 marks the official launch of NECRO, meaning that we're chugging forward at two chapters a day and the opening of advance chapter tiers. Thus far there are 10 advance chapters available, so if that's your jam, please dive right on in. Otherwise, we can party with 2x a day!

Also, I will be hosting a reading of NECRO on May 17 @ 11pm GMT+8, which is May 17 @ 11am US EST and 5pm Germany. Please click here for a countdown clock, and I'll stick around to chat afterwards.

Cheers to the official launch! Hope y'all are enjoying the series so far~ How many of you are giving NECRO a try after SOTR?


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Folks, if you missed the live reading of SOTR, here are the YouTube recordings! And so many thanks to Seru for putting together the videos for me. It took him 12 hours and wouldn't have been possible without him.

Chapter readings:



If you're bored and want something new to read, my new novel Necropolis Immortal launches today! I like to think it's all of the good of SOTR with none of the filler. :) Please check it out~

A hundred thousand years ago, there was a great war between cultivators. Immortals fell by the tens of thousands, the path of cultivation itself was severed, and after the dust settled, tombs forested the world.

A hundred thousand years after the last legend faded, Lu Yun, commandant of tomb raiders, descends upon the world. Armed with the Tome of Life and Death, he has some burning questions to answer.


“This isn’t how you raid a tomb!” Lu Yun smirked at the...

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4.5 years, 7 million characters. SOTR Nov. 19, 2015 - Apr. 9, 2020.

It didn't really sink in when I translated the last chapter in March -- probably because an immediate shift to NECRO was needed because I messed up launch date calculations XD. What really hit it home was posting chapter 2376 and realizing this was the last time I'd ever see that red flower in the updates bar.

How does one sum up the journey of 4.5 years? It really feels like a lifetime since on a personal level, I went through a career change, three global moves, and three more local moves. SOTR has been through three site moves and two leap years. And all of us together have weathered the rise of the industry and the craziness that spawned.

I'd like to greatly thank the team translators Citrus, House, and cv! All this would've been impossible without their efforts. Also, proofreader Nabuch (on the alyschu team!) and previous editors Deyna and Kidyeon. It takes a team to bring the old men harem to everyone. :) An immense thank you also to Ren, the...

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Hello all!

Thank you ever so much for participating in this fabulous celebration. At the end of the day, we had over 130 submissions and a couple of thousand votes! The turnout was quite something, and it was absolutely wonderful to read everyone's submissions!

Those of you who've been following the news know that we did have a sliiiight issue with cheaters (which caused a delay in the winner announcement), more of how we found them and dealt with them here:

We have our winners, and they are:

Congratulations to all the winners! I loved the submissions looking at things from another perspective, whether the Goldbiter Rats, one of JC's old men, or one of his women. You can read all of the submissions here, and two lucky community voters will be selected for a cash prize as well!

I actually had a few favorites who didn't make it onto the list, so I've decided to send them a holiday greeting and one of my pins! <3 Please check your messages, everyone! 

This hereby...

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****10/30 update: Last two days of voting, but CHEATING IS PROHIBITED.****

I can't believe this needs to be laid out like this. @@ We've had an influx of suspicious votes in the last couple of hours and guys, c'mon, don't do this. Moonquill can tell from the backend just which accounts are suspicious and which submissions are getting the bulk of attention. Those votes will be subtracted after the contest close.

***10/5 update: Voting has opened, but submissions stay open~~***

**9/29 update: 22 story and 34 poem submissions! Get in on day one of voting~**

*9/9 update: 8 story and 10 poem submissions! Lots of space left to win a prize~*

*9/1 update: Submissions are officially open!*

I transmigrated one day and somehow translated a novel to its 2000th chapter.




We're kicking off the celebrations early for this milestone because it's a humdinger of a writing contest! This special event is a blast from the past and revamped in conjunction with writing community Moonquill and LitRPG author...

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you're looking forward stuffing yourself with tons of turkey and then drooling on the couch with a sweet nap.

Coincidentally, this is also when I posted my first webnovel chapter ever, three years ago. Cowabunga, it's been three years! They say three time's the charm. Definitely feels that way as it seems like I’ve only found my translating feet this year!

A huge THANK YOU to my readers!! You guys are the reason why we're all here. Also a huge thank you to my old editors, helpers past and present (As of Nov they're Citrus, cyan, and CV!), as well as all of my lovely colleagues. Definitely big shout outs to volare and WW for hosting me and making this all possible!

So to celebrate, please leave a comment on either my Twitter post, or IG post for a chance to win a copy of Pokémon Let’s Go or etvo scribbles (comes with Japan or Taiwan souvenirs)! Thankfully there's no old men harem games or I'd offer that up as a prize too! XD Alright, if you really hate Pokemon, I could switch it...

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A titan, forefather, and legend of the wuxia scene passed away today. Jin Yong, author of The Legend of the Condor Heroes, The Deer and the Cauldron, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, to name just a few, has gone off in search of new adventures in the jianghu. 

He's one of the most popular wuxia authors out there, with 15 works written between 1955 and 1972 that've sold over 100 million copies worldwide. Considering that his books were written half a century ago, it's stunning to think that they're still spawning adaptations, remakes, and spin-offs!

I just wanted to share because growing up in Taiwan, Jin Yong was an author that definitively shaped my childhood and that of many others. Harry Potter is everywhere these days with the books themselves, theme parks, and pop culture references. That's kind of how Jin Yong's like in Taiwan. You can't go anywhere without seeing a drama, movie, or game based off of one of his works. 

Instead of binging webnovels, we binged his series. If you wanted action, adventure, and romance...

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The winners for the SOTR 1000 giveaway have been picked! We received over 300 entries and of those, 270+ qualified entries. There were so many thoughtful, funny, and savage reviews! I enjoyed reading them all, thank you guys for loving these novels as much as the translators do! In order of ranking:

#1: Dibbadri

#2: madokalyrical

#3: Cururu

#4: ziriafen

#5: piyush

We will be reaching out shortly and working our way down the list to have people pick their prize! Dibbadri you have until Sunday, midnight GMT +8 (that's noon, Sunday US EST) to respond before we move down the list~

Thank you all once again for participating. <3 <3 <3

Omg. Where's the confetti? Bring out the fireworks! LET'S HIT A PINATA FOR IT IS THE 1000TH CHAPTERVERSARY FOR SOVEREIGN OF THE THREE REALMS!!

Jiang Chen's Pokemon and old men harem dance par-tay!

First off, a huge THANK YOU for everyone reading this. I got started in November of 2015 and am still here 2.5 years strong, 1000 chapters later! (and a move from the US to Taiwan, TW to US, again US to...

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To celebrate ROS 50, I'm hosting a Q&A to chit chat about stuff. Let’s chat about prizes for SOTR 1000, SOTR, life of a translator, wuxia, Chinese webnovels, and... mah favorite bubble tea??

[edit] Thanks for tuning in! In which we ascertain Pill King Lu Feng is my favorite old man waifu, Earl Grey & fresh milk & bubbles brewed in brown sugar are my favorite, and we've got the rise of the young men harem coming up! huehuehue

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Hey guys,

Apologies for the delay, family got sick today and I spent most of the day running around taking care of them. It's almost 2am and the chapter is not coming out of my brain. Plus side is, I'll be able to wake up earlier to get through it. @@ Thank you for your patience.

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Art Contest Celebrating 500 Chapters of SOTR

  • Contest to run from May 26 to midnight, GMT+8 June 30.
  • Please illustrate your favorite scene, character(s) or a combination from SOTR.
  • Multiple submissions allowed.
  • Please send submissions to [email protected] with your name, title of the piece, submission category, and PayPal email in event of winning. The lovely MrPriest is helping me run the admin side of things. Thank you!
  • A panel of judges will pick the winners, the more impressive your creation, the greater likelihood of winning!
  • Prizes:
    • Overall 1st Place: $100
    • Overall 2nd Place: $75
    • Overall 3rd Place: $50
    • Best Scene: $50
    • Best Portrait: $50
    • Fan Favorite: $50
  • The overall categories is simply picking from the entire submission pool, so the most thoughtful and inspiring ones will prevail!
  • Please note that with your submission, you are granting me permission to display on WW or any of volare’s social media + site, with proper credits of course. I want everyone to see your lovely...
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Hello ladies and lads,

Apologies, but SOTR is not going to be posted tonight. Boss just got back from a trip to China, and as far as I know, she was in meetings from the minute she stepped off the plane.

Not to worry, we'll be making these up as soon as Boss gets some sleep in her system.

See you tomorrow,


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Hello e'eryone,

It's been a.. rather tumultuous 48 hours, particularly with the bomb of announcements that volare dropped earlier today. Please forgive the chapter coming in later than usual because of:

  1. The heavenly tribulation
  2. I got sick through the internet
  3. A zombie goat is staring at me in the face
My team may or may not have come up with some of these (there, I said the bit about undead goats!). I saw a reader saying in one of the NUF threads that they loved the funny randomness I share in announcements. Thank you and <3.

But HEY! Tomorrow is also when I announce the chapter 500 art contest. There will be cash prizes and be based off of SOTR content. So get your brushes ready and maybe pick out a favorite scene or character beforehand!

<3 etvo (and hai Broosk!)

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Hey guys,

Apologies to have to delay the chapter after having such a good run for a while. Way too many meetings today and jackhammering outside my window for eight hours today that's resulted in a massive headache. I apologize, and will have the chapter up tomorrow.

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Hey guys, we’ve been advised not to release new chapters for the nonce as the server is having a slight hissy fit. Hopefully it doesn't eat this announcement post too! <3 Seeing as it’s 1:00am, I shall promptly bounce off to bed. See you in the morning!

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Testing a-one, a-two, is this thing on?

Chapter will be edited by: Crimsonguard

En route whilst traveling and posting in a moment of free time! I sadly lost everyone's comments from yesterday, I really adore comments too. T_T

Quick term change -- thank you Discord readers for notifying me that we already have a saint rank for creatures that states that makes them similar to human origin realm. I was debating between the use of saint/sacred/sage for the realm after origin, so the realm for humans after origin is now changed to sage! Here ye, here ye, make sure you make note of that because this title comes up again in this chapter!

<3 etvo

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With April Fool's come and gone for everyone now, I feel safe in revealing what *would've* been the April Fool's joke this year. My editors have to post edit for me sometimes, but one day, I finished at 2am and forgot to chuck the chapter into Google docs.

Therefore, poor Deyna stared at the squiggles for a very long time and decided to come up with his own chapter. XD

Did you all catch the live reading today and the Q&A session after? It's on Twitch if you missed it!

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Y'all must hate me lately, I hate myself too! Sorry for the delay in the chapter, there's also going to be an announcement tomorrow which can partially explain why I've been so busy lately...

Sorry everyone! >< *cupped fist salute*

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