Chapter releases will resume today. I'm mostly moved into a temporary office in my parents place. For those of you who keep up with the news, the coronavirus situation is still getting worse, with a suspected case here in San Diego, and travel restrictions getting more strict for China. Because of that, no news regarding our long-term plan. 

It's been a grueling time with the move, and there are still a few things left to pack and remove from the old apartment. Plus, I have stitches coming out today, as well as a few other personal things to take care of over the next few days. Long story short, I won't be online and back to work until Friday, and will draw on stockpile in the meantime. Usually I keep up with typo reports and whatnot, but I'm too busy at the moment, when I get back to normal work schedule, I'll go back to review all comments. 

Sorry for these spammy messages, but I don't have any other easy way to communicate about the schedule. Alright, rushing to make some coffee and take BDB to school. Bye for...

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Fellow Daoists: we're moving tomorrow, so after this evening's chapter, I'm going to take a short break of (hopefully) just one day. I'm moving my office (basically just a desk, computer, and chair) to my parents' house in the morning. In the afternoon, we're putting furniture and stuff into storage and handling other packing/moving. If everything goes as planned, I'll be able to resume work the day after moving, thus the goal is to start posting chapters again on Wednesday.

I'm sure you've all heard of the coronavirus outbreak in China. Unless there is some dramatic end to the outbreak in the next few days, we're going to temporarily cancel the trip we originally had planned for about two weeks from now. Although the epidemic is primarily centered in Wuhan, which is relatively far from our travel destination, I still don't want to put my family into any unnecessary risk. Two of the earliest fatalities were in the province we call home, with rumors swirling that one of them was in our home city, although that turned...

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Hey everyone, I've scheduled two chapters for today 1/14, and will be heading out the door in a few minutes to take BDB to school and then head to surgery. The current plan is to take 2.5 days off to rest and recovery, and resume posting chapters on 1/17. For details, check out the original post. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment in the original post. See you all in a couple days!

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Dear Fellow Daoists,

Before getting into the long explanation, let me summarize the point of this announcement: there will be a few days here and there over the next few months in which I take a break from releasing chapters. There are a few reasons which I’ll explain as succinctly as possible below.

First: surgery. I’m having my second round of surgery on Tuesday, Jan 14. That’s in two days. Last time I took a short break afterward for recovery, but honestly, it wasn’t long enough. This time my plan is to take two full days off, and possibly an additional half-day depending on how I feel. 

Second: moving and traveling. Our lease is up and we need to move within the city, so we’re going to combine it with a trip to China, since we have some important personal/family matters to handle there. Our final move-out date is January 31st, so at some point in the days leading up to that, I’m probably going to take a day or two off to focus on the packing and moving, especially my office/workstation. We will stay with my parents...

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Greetings Fellow Daoists, I have good news. I have a little holiday gift for the rest of 2019 in the form of bonus chapters every day! Hope you enjoy! (I’m able to do this because, after finishing the “travel stockpile” I mentioned in previous announcements, I went a bit beyond my goal to create a little stash of bonus chapters.)

Unfortunately, 2020 is going to be rough for me in terms of scheduling. I have another round of dental surgery, we’re going to be moving within San Diego, and we are still taking a trip to China, probably earlier than expected. There are some other situations that I will explain in subsequent announcements as they become relevant. Because of all that, I’m not sure what the release schedule will be like in the first quarter. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.

Those of you who really enjoy this story, do you mind leaving a 5-star review on Novelupdates? If you’re able to, just click right here. Most of the existing reviews are from people who didn’t even read past the first hundred or...

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Hi everyone, I'm rested up from surgery and will begin posting chapters shortly. I still have a mouthful of stitches; the full recovery will take a good week or two. But I'm well enough (and have enough pain meds) to get back to work right now. In the meantime, sponsor art gift #5 is here in the translator notes of chapter 605. It's an amazing depiction of a character who originally appears a good 30-40 chapters before chapter 605. Hmm, who might it be? Sponsors, just click through to find out. For those who are at a lower sponsor level, don't worry, it will filter down to you soon. Also included in chapter 605 is a bonus link to art gift #4 which is a depiction of the Central Planetary River.

Thank you everyone for your support during my short surgery break, and also for supporting this translation! And now, I'm off to get today's chapters ready!

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Hi everyone, the time has come. In a few hours, I have the surgery that I've mentioned a few times in the past. Because of that, there will be only ONE chapter today (11/12) for sponsors and non-sponsors alike, and NO CHAPTERS TOMORROW (11/13). According to the doctor, recovery time should be a day or less, but I've heard second-hand accounts of the recovery time being more like a few days. I'm going to have some pain meds, but I'm not sure if that will be enough to clear my head enough for the mental exertion of Chinese translation. And although I do have an emergency stockpile, I would really like to just relax and recover fully and not worry about schedules and editing and all that stuff. 

My plan is to resume release as normal on Thursday (11/14), although I reserve the right to push it back another day if necessary. 

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I have a new art gift for sponsors, depicting an event from chapter 456. 

To get the art, click through to chapter 457. The link will remain there all the way until the chapter goes live, so if your current tier does not have access to the chapter, just wait until it reaches you. 

There is also a bonus from the archives, the classic Yang Qi v. Ninja.

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Dear readers: I need to announce a temporary moratorium on ninja chapters. Long story short, I’ll bring them back in a couple of months. If you want the full details, keep reading.

MDB and BDB are both getting pretty homesick for China, so we’re planning to go back for a visit sometime in early 2020. We don’t have any specific dates yet, but it will likely be a trip of somewhere between 4-6 weeks. During that time, I will be able to work, but not very efficiently. Therefore, I want to build a large stockpile to make sure that I can consistently release chapters while traveling.

It’s going to take a lot of hard work to make this happen, as I’ll need to translate past my limit for several months in a row. One ninja chapter per week over the course of a few months can stack up to a good bundle of chapters. That’s why I’m putting them on hold for the moment.

Some readers might wonder why I don’t just do a huge mass-release and then go on vacation, or something similar. There are a couple of reasons why. First, I take...

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Hey everyone, I don't often make announcements like this, but I think this one is relevant for everyone. I did a video about the phrase "courting death" which I'm sure all of you are familiar with. Even I use it on occasion. There is a bit of context to the phrase that many readers might not be aware of. Check out the video here

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Just want to let everyone know there will be no ninja chapter this week. I didn't mention it before, but my mother-in-law was visiting from China for about a month, and we had to take her back to the airport in LA earlier in the week. That cost me about 2 days of work-time, and now I'm behind on everything. So no ninja chapter this week. They'll resume next week.

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To celebrate the unexpected appearance of actual ninjas in Sage Monarch, I'm re-instituing ninja chapter releases, which means that I will occasionally release unscheduled extra chapters.

Also, sponsors can go to chapter 309 to get a beautiful, hi-res artistic depiction of Yang Qi and the ninja. The image will be removed a few hours before the release of chapter 309, so get the image while you can!

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I'm excited to announce that my original epic wuxia fantasy novel Legends of Ogre Gate has been professionally edited and is now available on Amazon in both eBook and paperback. Check it out here! My intention with the story was to make it a good intro into the wuxia and xianxia genres, so if you have friends or family who wonder what Chinese fantasy novels are about, this should be a great starter novel (and a much quicker read than the insanely long web novels we are all used to). That said, it is still a meaty book, coming in at over 800 pages in the printed format. 

This version is a big step up from the original serialized format, both in terms of the writing quality and the plot. So many errors were fixed in editing that it's almost a new story. It also includes a map of the world that was not in the original release.

If you have the time, please leave an honest review on Amazon. 

Thanks so much, and enjoy the story!

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