A heads up that I'll be out of the country for the next 2 weeks from May 13th to 25th. 

As for what that means for the release well hopefully nothing. I have already completed all the chapters for the next 2 weeks and they will be released at 10am and 5pm PST daily. 

Now I'm still making this announcement because the auto scheduler can mess up and not release chapters sometimes. I'll most likely only have time to check once per day and I'll be in China so my time zone is also off from usual. So if a release doesn't appear when it should don't panic, I'll sort it out as soon as I can. Ping me or message me on discord if there any issues.

Also yes I translated 42 (actually 45) in a week. Yes it was a terrible idea and my hands hurt. Moral of the story don't procrastinate XD

by Rex.

A bit of an update on release schedule of chapters going forward. While I have been able to keep up with the promised 14 chapter a week recently but the release schedule has been rather cramp with most of them releasing Sunday afternoon to night my time. I know this has caused some problems for people where their sponsor ran out before they got most of that chapters for that week. So starting next week I'll work to a more spread out released and stabilize to a solid 2 chapter a day in 1-2 weeks (I got spring break in a week so that helps)

As an apology for the crammed release for the last month I'm offering refund to anyone for the month of Feb if you joined or renewed during the month of Feb. Please email [email protected] to process the refund. Thank you all for your continued support!

P.S. Regarding release time please note that I'm in Pacific Standard Time Zone or GMT -8. So if you're wondering about release times please remember to convert to my time.

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Hello everyone, we finally reached the 1,000 chapter milestone! That means we are almost halfway here! Thank you all for supporting and reading Renegade Immortal!

As a special thanks I’m doing a giveaway!

Prizes will be a $100, $50, and $25 dollar amazon gift cards.(Or other gift cards)

How to enter the event? You don't have to do all 4, each one you complete will be 1 entry to win. So you can have a max of 4 entries into the raffle! (Sorry if this wasn't clear)

  1. Post an honest review https://www.novelupdates.com/series/renegade-immortal/

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  3. Be a sponsor of Renegade Immortal https://www.wuxiaworld.com/profile/sponsor/renegade-immortal

  4. Finally guess which one is me in the picture here https://www.wuxiaworld.com/announcement/wuxiaworld-retreat-in-progress-gfc-update Simply circle the face of your guess. I won’t tell you if you guessed right or wrong though.

Then email screenshot of your entries to [email protected] and what name...

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Sorry this is much later than expected but May has been a busy month for me. Here I'll give details of what's going to happen.

Now first and foremost is the 140+ chapter back log. I'll admit that its not something I can realistically get out unless I completely gave up everything else and only translate which would probably kill me XD But keeping that long back log in every post isn't exactly helpful (as many kind viewer has pointed out) So with the shift from patroen to in house system I decided to go for more long term solution. I'm going to remove the back log completely but in return there will be changes that will benefit both free reader and those that choose to sub to the new in house advance chapter system (We really need a name for this thing).

First change going forward is an increase in base chapters a week. It will increase from current 10 to 14 chapters a week. So this means 2 chapter a day release starting next week. Now for people wondering about the chapter increase from patreon where I increase...

by Rex.

Ok an update on whats going to happen over May so people aren't too confused. First of all I have a wedding to go to on Sunday so I'll be on the road all day tomorrow and all of Sunday will be the wedding. Following that we will be driving home (5-6hr drive) from midnight and get home Monday morning. Monday I have a project and presentation at  5pm (why we rushing back). Finally I have one more final Wed morning.

With that school ends but follow that I have a trip back to China. First time since I moved to US so going to visit lot family to visit. That will be from 5/10-5/17. So my schedule for the next 2 week is really crammed. Don't expect any chapters this weekend. I'll get some stuff out on Monday to Weds. As for when I'm in China I'm not really sure what my internet situation will be so if I can I'll get work done. But there well be a lot once I get back coz summer break and all.

Now as everyone know we are moving from patreon to in house. As stated above I'm really too busy to deal with it until after I return...

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Sorry for being gone for almost a week. Hasn't been a fun week I'll leave it at that. Honestly this would had been up 3hrs ago if I didn't have to stay 3hr extra on campus today ;c Remember guys please pay attention in your classes so your TA doesn't have to stay late on a Friday to help people!

Here is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd chapter of the week. (133 qeued)

Read Chapter 723 Read Chapter 724 Read Chapter 725

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Here is the 3rd chapter for the week. (120 queued)

Read Chapter 716

For people curious about why the teaser is Chapter 717 (1) its not one chapter being split to two but I believe a numbering error on the original author's part. There are just two separate chapters, each with their own chapter title but both number chapter 717.

by Rex.