Hey guys due to the snow storm my place lost power last night so I’m unable to work until it’s back on.

I will be sure to make up for any missed chapters once power returns!!!

by hyorinmaru

For those who are confused why the term is sometimes capitalized and not capitalized, in this novel so far there is a sect called the Demonic Path, but at the same time those who follow 'demonic cultivation methods' are known as cultivators who walk down the demonic path.  So, the term is used for both so it might be a bit confusing. In another words, a cultivator might be part of the demonic path, but not part of the Demonic Path. It's the same for the Immortal Sect, which is its actual name, but there can also be many other 'immortal sects' or 'righteous sects' 

Honestly I have no idea why the author wants to confuse everyone so much!!! 

by hyorinmaru

Hey everyone, Hyorinmaru here!

Refining the Mountains and Rivers has finally come out of the shadows into official release. There will be two chapters a day, everyday. 

It's a hot-blooded story about a young man named Qin Yu and his adventures into the immortal and demonic paths. If you liked Martial World, I think you'll like this one. Look forwards to it!

by hyorinmaru