Hey guys, wow. It's been almost four years, and we're finally approaching the end. What a journey it has been, with lots of ups and downs, but I'll save that for when we actually get there. For now, this is a notice and reminder to all Legendary and Sub Legendary sponsors to turn off auto-renew as the novel will end for you on January 24th.

Here is the list of dates the novel will end for other tiers.

Legendary - January 24th
Sub Legendary - January 27th
Dark Gold - January 29th
Gold - January 31st
Silver - February 1st
Bronze - February 2nd
Regular - February 3rd

This announcement is coming a bit late for Legendary sponsors as I thought the novel would end on January 27th at the soonest for some reason. So, I apologize for that. If you're unsatisfied about not receiving the full month, feel free to contact me via Discord or Wuxiaworld support for a full refund. To anyone subscribing after this date, depending on the tier, please take note that you may not be getting the full month. I'll hold off on making an translator...

by littleshanks

Hey guys, The much anticipated change to 10 chapters a week is happening this very week! We're not sure yet which three days should become double release days. Right now, we're considering either a weekend bonanza (fri-sat-sun) or spreadout through the week (wed-fri-sun). Let us know what you'd prefer. You can decide by voting in this poll: here. Over the next few weeks, I'll be slowly working to build up more advanced chapters to reach the cap (double the regular releases.) Look forward to it! I've also decided that there won't be any changes to the sponsorship tiers and pricing. Though I think I might set up a milestone progress bar to increase the regular release rate. What do you guys think of that idea? Anyway, look forward to it!

-Shanks and Sietse

by littleshanks

Hey guys,

I'll be away on holiday until the 30th travelling the UK with FBT (Flowerbridgetoo if you remember him). You'll still get your regular chapters like normal. Just thought I'd let you guys know if I don't end up responding to any comments or questions. On another note, a week after I'm back from holiday we'll be going to 10 regular releases a week.


by littleshanks

Hello, dear readers. To those of you on the front page who are unfamiliar with my series, welcome! 

About four or so years ago, after getting so much enjoyment out of the community—not only from the stories being translated  at that time but also the interactions with my fellow readers—I decided I wanted to give back. So, I started helping out by moderating the r/NovelTranslations subreddit and editing Martial God Asura for Flowerbridgetoo. Eventually, goaded on by him and my other friends like TaffyGirl13 and Deceptioning, I started a series on my own.  And that's how I came to translate Rebirth Thief! ...Not really, my first series actually got poached, haha. But that's a story for another time.

Anyhow, I've watched this community grow since its early inception, and it really fills me with pride to see how big it's become. I really do love it, and that's why I keep translating to this day. I wanted to keep this passion of mine purely as a hobby. For that reason, I resisted this change for so long. and I'm deeply...

by littleshanks