Hello everyone, we have reached 1,000 chapters for Overgeared! Hooray! I have hosted a series of events to celebrate this and here are the results. Thank you to everyone who participated. 

For the people who won a cash prize, please email me at [email protected] with your paypal email and a screenshot of your wuxiaworld profile name and profile picture. The most important part is to include the name. Example below. 

First, I will announce the result of the reviews contest. Five people who were randomly picked using an online name picker. Congratulations to the following people who have won $20 USD: 

  1. Goldace2
  2. DatWunDud
  3. Zaffran
  4. CookieMaster
  5. Reminise

Next is the result of the Overgeared writing contest. Congratulations to:

1st place (75 USD): Infermity, Story Title - Persevere

2nd place (50 USD): TheClosen. Story Title - His Master and Father

3rd place (25 USD): Drewsoupher. Story Title - The Prince and the Dragon 

You can check out the winning entries at this link: Overgeared Writing Contest

Overgeared Character Fanart...

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Hey guys, please vote in the polls below for your favourite Overgeared Scene and character fanart. The winner of the poll will win a cash prize of $50, unless they have already been selected by me as one of the top 3. Then it will go to the next person with the highest votes. From 1st~4th place in the poll have a chance to win some money. 

You can see the artwork on the pages below. Please make sure you have the correct name and artist before voting. The artwork is below the names.

Scene Fanart Page

Character Fanart Page

Please vote seriously. 

Scene Fanart Poll: (While I have included hhhhhuie and OpN's works on the page, I don't consider them as qualified submissions when compared to the other works. Thus, they have been left off the poll)

Link (Direct embed isn't working)

Character Fanart Poll:


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Greetings everyone, 

In celebration of Overgeared's 1000th chapter that will soon be released, I am holding a variety of events that everyone can join in, have fun and have a chance to win some cash prizes. 

First Event: Fanart Contest

The first event is a fanart contest, which will hopefully turn out to have more entries than some of the previous contests on Wuxiaworld (cough cough). There will be two categories and you can check out the specific rules, prizes and deadlines in the links below:

Character Art Contest

Scene Art Contest

Second Event: Writing Contest

The second event is a writing contest where you can write a story or poem about Overgeared and go into the draw to win some cash prizes. Check out the link below:

Writing Contest

Third Event: Giving a review

Write a review for Overgeared on the page below and five reviewers will be randomly selected to win a cash prize. 

Reviews Page

Fourth Event: Polls

I will once again be holding some polls. There are no prizes with this event but it is a chance to have some fun...

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TL: Hey guys, sorry but flu season has started in Melbourne and I have caught it. I've been feeling terrible the last few days but it finally hit today. I'm going to take the rest of the week off to rest. All remaining chapters for this week will be posted next week. 

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Hey guys,

Sorry, I live a few hours away from my family for work. Today I drove back to visit them for a few days and forgot my laptop charger. Don't have the advance chapter ready so the last chapter for this week will be delayed to next week.

I can still translate on my phone but can't upload chapters. Expect all of next week's 5 chapters + this week's one chapter to be uploaded on a single day, probably thurs/fri depending on how tired I am from the drive.

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Hey everyone, I have several things I have to talk about so please read it all. 

First all, Overgeared is back sooner than expected? Yay? I actually though I would be getting a month's break and planned a holiday. I will be flying to Vietnam on the 4th December and spending almost two weeks there. Chapters will still go out as usual because I have some stockpile now that my$80 and $100 tiers are no longer active.

Second, new schedule. I will be going down to five chapters a week tomorrow, like originally planned, I also won't be making up for the week of missed chapters. Like I said, I don't want to catch up to the author too quickly. I would rather get an extra few months at five chapters a week, than do seven chapters (make up chapters) then suddenly have to go down to four chapters a week. 

Third, there have been issues with older chapters having the end of the chapter cut off, leaving parts of the chapter missing. They tend to be pretty obvious since they are cut off in the middle of a sentence. If you notice...

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Hey guys, sorry but I was sleep deprived when I posted my previous announcement and only just realized I got the dates wrong. I have deleted the previous announcement, but have copied it below with the updated dates for people to read. The most important changes for those who have already read the announcement: 

First Monday of December (Not January) = Down to 5 chapters a week

$80 and $100 tier deletion = 22nd of November (Not December).

OG Advance Chapters & Schedule Final Changes:

This is important information for all advance chapter sponsors and readers of Overgeared so please read. 

This will be the final schedule for a while. There shouldn't be any changes and I will let you know if there are. 

  1. First Monday of November = Down to 7 chapters a week
  2. First Monday of December = Down to 5 chapters a week and this should last for a few months until I get too close to the author.

Important advance chapters information. PLEASE READ FOR ALL SPONSORS: 

Starting from tomorrow, I will be putting a pause to my $80 and $100 tier....

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Hey guys, I didn't want to change the schedule but I was looking at the number of raws today.

Currently, I have released 814 chapters and there are only 907 chapters released in the raws. The author releases at a rate of 4 chapters per week, which means I will catch up in around two months. This will be even sooner for advanced sponsors considering I am currently up to chapter 844 for the highest tier.

Therefore, I have decided to gradually slow down the release rate instead of jumping straight from 14 chapters to 4 a week. 

Starting from next week (the start of October), I will be releasing at a rate of 10 chapters per week. This might decrease further as I get closer to the author, although I will let you know whenever I decide to do so. 

P.S. My birthday is next week so don't expect any chapters around the 1st/2nd of October while I celebrate and recover from the celebrations.

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Hey guys,

I don't know how many times I have to repeat this in the last year. Once again, I work in a hospital. That means hospital hours and irregular hospital shifts. I can't keep a scheduled posting time or day because I never know when I am able to post. (Edit: Advance chapters aren't translated so I can't use the auto-posting function since advance chapters have to be ahead by a certain amount.)

I promised 14 chapters a WEEK, not two chapters a day and I have always (mostly) kept this promise. Stop complaining if I miss a day or two.

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Hey guys, a chapter was missing from my raws site for some reason and I didn't notice because the next chapter still flowed on. Thanks to Imagine Breaker for pointing it out. 

I have added the missing chapter as 769.5 to not throw off the rest of my numbering and the weekly releases has gone from (8/14) to (9/14).

It is also unedited and I will replace it when the edited version when it is done.

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Hey guys, 

Sorry for the late publishing of the results of the popularity poll. I was going to do it earlier and then I got sick, went on my holiday blah blah blah and completely forgot about it.  

The top 5 results for the Favourite Character poll:

  1. Grid
  2. Lord
  3. Piaro
  4. Lauel
  5. Faker

Remaining results can be seen in the pie graph below. 

Best Waifu Poll:

  1. Yura
  2. Irene
  3. Jishuka
  4. Euphemina
  5. Yerim
  6. Other (includes people like Braham, Jude, Sehee, Khan etc.)

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Hey, my illness actually worsened over the last few days. I'll be going in to hospital to do some tests and stuff. Hopefully its nothing serious

by rainbowturtle

Hey guys, I'm back. 

I've mostly recovered from the flu, just a persistent cough that's hanging in there. For those telling me to rest, I will have plenty of that soon.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be going overseas from the 12th June - 30th June. Chapters will still be coming out during that time, but at a much lower rate than before. I'm still unsure of that exact timing because it all depends on how the Internet works over there. 

For people who have sponsored chapters, please keep this in mind when subscribing or renewing your subscription. 

by rainbowturtle

Sick with the flu. Don't know how long it will take to recover but should just be a few days. Chapters will be made up.

by rainbowturtle

Hey guys, in a rush right now.

One of my best friends just got into a serious car accident and it is unknown if she'll make it or not. I'm rushing to the hospital right now and probably won't be releasing chapters for the rest of this week, maybe longer. I'll have no time to translate or even worry about the weekly quota, so I'm gonna reset it whenever I come back.


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Hey guys, I have now reached chapter 500. At this point, I am 300 chapters away from catching up to the author's current releases. This might seem like a lot of chapters, but with my current pace I will probably catch up in around 3~4 months. This is bad considering that the author only releases five chapters a week and the story doesn't seem like it will end anything soon.

In order to stop myself from catching up with the author too quickly, I am going to slow down my releases to 14 chapters a week. This will start from next week. I was going to start it in May, when my Patreon moves in house so that everything is more convenient, however my work is a bit busy at the moment. 

~TLDR: Starting from next week, new schedule will be 14 chapters a week to stop myself from catching up to the author too quickly. During this time, I will be resting, trying to normalize my work schedule with my translating schedule and reading my potential list of new novels. I have like 10 novels on there that I haven't had time to read...

by rainbowturtle

Hey guys, I'm going to take a break for a few days.

Recently, I've been feeling sick and tired. Sometimes, it is absolutely disheartening to know that some readers only care about you for the chapters you produce and will turn on you when you don't release. This isn't about just me, but other translators in the community.

Anyway, several things happened recently in my personal life and translating community that has made me say, "You know what? I can't do this right now." So I'm going to take a three or four day break from releasing chapters to rest and recharge my energies.

The rest of the OG arc will be released today (6 chapters), while BEM will be normal. The remaining chapters that I owe will be made up when I come back.

P.S.  The top part was just something I felt like venting and not why I'm taking a break. I'm used to it. It is more things with my personal life.

by rainbowturtle