The Mo Nian side story is finally out! You can find it in the Side Stories volume on the main page for this novel, or just start reading it by clicking here.

by BornToBe

Hi everyone, I've decided to change Pill God to Pill Sovereign, the reason being that gods are actual, separate entities, and I don't want people to confuse them. So to be clear, Pill Sovereign is an alchemist tier, not a sign of godhood.

As for why I first translated it as Pill God, I chose that name back when I first started translating it and hadn't read further into the novel. It sounded the coolest and pithiest, but as I read on, the term needed changing.

by BornToBe

Hey everyone, it's crazy to think that it's been almost a year since I joined Wuxiaworld! We're close to a thousand chapters now, and it feels like it's been both forever and just the blink of an eye. I want to thank all my readers so much for all their support. I dunno what to celebrate exactly, whether it be the one year anniversary, the thousand chapters, or just the holidays on general, but rather than make separate posts for all that, I'm just gonna combine it all here, with one week of three chapters a day starting today. Today, there's an extra special bonus chapter because I'm not going to leave you on the third chapter ;)

New sponsor tiers have launched today, thanks to my sponsors for being patient!

You guys are the best!

by BornToBe

First of all, a big thank you to all the readers of Nine Star Hegemon Body Art! You guys got the novel ranked fifth on the top ten most read for the month!

As you read in the announcement post, the plan was to do eighteen chapters a week only for the first month of January. But because you guys are so awesome, I'll be doing one extra week of eighteen chapters. After this week, I'll be doing fourteen chapters a week, with maybe some extra chapters for special occasions.

I've also added in a sponsorship option, and you can get up to twenty-five advance chapters now. New tiers will probably come in the following months, so keep in an eye on the Translator's Thoughts section.

Other than that, for this upcoming month, look forward to the start of Volume 4 and perhaps some extra chapters on Chinese New Year ;)

by BornToBe