Woot woot, we've hit 1000 chapters everyone! Your favorite post apocalyptic tomb raiding xianxia is a thousand chapters old!

To celebrate, I'll be hosting a chapter reading and AMA this Saturday 9/25 @ noon US EST, which is 9am PST, 6pm Berlin time, midnight Taipei time. Come listen to latest chapter and shoot the rolling heads in a general AMA! This will be hosted on the WW Discord.

In true etvolare fashion, I will be hosting a writing contest for 1000 NECRO chapters. Since we are so close to Halloween and NECRO is all about the creepy crawlies in the dark, I couldn't resist tying it into the occasion. More details later, just pick your favorite NECRO event for now. Grand prize will be an Oculus Quest (cause heaven knows we don't have enough illusions and formations in NECRO, huh), a copy of Pokemon Shining Brilliant Diamond Pearl thing, and more to be announced during the reading.

Come one, come all, and if you haven't reviewed NECRO yet, please do so! The soul refinings shall continue until we're drowning in reviews!...

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Hey everyone, my apologies, we will be skipping a NECRO release tonight. 

Things have gotten a bit dicey in Taiwan as we suddenly have pockets of unexplained community infection all in the last two days, and I've got family in town that I had to do some contract tracing for.

Please stay safe and be smart, it ain't over until it's over.

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*cupped fist salute from etvo!*


[edit] A bumpaaa cause guys, I still got stuff from local artists left over = =.

Firstly, Happy Lunar New Year to everyone! Welcome to the Year of the Ox, hasta la vista rat!! (Last time it was the Year of the Rat, that was 2008 and all that happened then...). Happy Valentine's Day to everyone single and coupled up! And Happy 2021 for anyone who doesn't fall under the first two, heh.

Necropolis Immortal is 600 chapters old!! I have sososo greatly enjoyed everyone's comments, banter on Discord, and wild mentions on reddit/other places. We're at 21k comments and 84 reviews, with an overwhelmingly recommended rating for the novel. It always makes me so happy to see that and I can't say this enough, I truly have the best readers in the world.   (My colleagues, fite me!)


In the spirit of the holiday, I'd like to hand out red envelopes to random readers. Obv there will not be money inside, lol. Instead, I'll be slipping in something random from Taiwan since I mayyyy have imitated the Deaf...

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Oh my, we're already at 300 chapters!

I'd like to take advantage of this lovely occasion to give back to the subreddit community that's done so much to start the novel translations scene. And so, running a small giveaway on reddit in which we talk about our favorite necromancy and unconventional novels. If you've been stacking on chapters, now's the time to jump back in! And if you've dropped NECRO   please sound off why, and let's see if we can't get you to pick up the series again. :D

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Dearest NECRO readers, I happen to translate another novel about politics and war in ancient China, and we are closing in on the midway point of ROS! Let. us. celebrate with ROS’ first major event: art contest!

There will be a scene and a character category in which people are free to draw any of their favorite scenes and characters. Perhaps it’s when Pang Xiao first stole over the roof to peek on Qin Yining, or when the trampress got what she deserved. Maybe you’re a fan of best dad Qin Huaiyuan, or you think there’s some redeeming factors in Qin Huining. Whatever it is, show off your talents to the world and make ROS come to life!

Submissions are open here and prizes will be given for the first, second, and third places decided by moi and others, as well as a community fan favorite through voting. First place wins $100, second wins $75, third wins $50, and community vote wins $25.

I’m really excited to see what everyone comes up with! Happy birthday ROS! <<this here be the novel link.


PS. Why am I calling 500...

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EDIT: Alright, pretty much everyone's getting something until everything's gone. XD

We are already at 100 chapters & 500k views! Crazy, innit!

Giveaway celebrations are in order~ Please write a review on WW & respond on this Twitter link w/ a screenshot for entry. (Or email [email protected]!) If you'd like to write another on the NovelUpdates page, that counts as a double entry! Please also be sure to SS that review too. Copying and pasting your WW review is totally fine, and please add NECRO to your reading list while you're at it! That helps series visibility = moar folks discovering the wonders of NECRO. 

I'll pick a few winners for a kickass tiger pin or thank you note! Front and back of the dragon pin shown above. This is a new design, the second in the series after the previous xianxia dragon. Those of you who've been around of a while know that I do love my pins!

I've rounded up some stationary of Chinese magnets that hearken back to themes we often find in NECRO, such as deities against evil, dragons,...

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Herro all! May 15 marks the official launch of NECRO, meaning that we're chugging forward at two chapters a day and the opening of advance chapter tiers. Thus far there are 10 advance chapters available, so if that's your jam, please dive right on in. Otherwise, we can party with 2x a day!

Also, I will be hosting a reading of NECRO on May 17 @ 11pm GMT+8, which is May 17 @ 11am US EST and 5pm Germany. Please click here for a countdown clock, and I'll stick around to chat afterwards.

Cheers to the official launch! Hope y'all are enjoying the series so far~


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Come one, come all, for Wednesdays are the best days to start a new adventure! (Wha? XD)

A hundred thousand years ago, there was a great war between cultivators. Immortals fell by the tens of thousands, the path of cultivation itself was severed, and after the dust settled, tombs forested the world.

A hundred thousand years after the last legend faded, Lu Yun, commandant of tomb raiders, descends upon the world. Armed with the Tome of Life and Death, he has some burning questions to answer.


“This isn’t how you raid a tomb!” Lu Yun smirked at the cultivators frantically scurrying about the ancient tomb. “Do you want me to teach you?”


But ah, can someone teach him how to cure his new body’s erectile dysfunction?

'tis I, your translator, le mighty, le fluffy, le wondrous etvolare~ 

You might know me from Sovereign of the Three Realms, Return of the Swallow, or Great Demon King. I am SO so excited to bring the latest to you: Necropolis Immortal! This cultivation novel starts off with seemingly typical xianxia tropes,...

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