Dear readers of My Civil Servant Life Reborn in the Strange World,

After much tinkering behind the scenes and many magical explosions in the lab, a new chapter tier (12 advance chapters) has been created, with much assistance from Yuria! Head over to the sponsor page now!

by Cosyjuhye

Hi everyone and welcome to My Civil Servant Life Reborn in a Strange World! My name is Sangwoo, a Korean translator on WuxiaWorld and I'm very excited to be working on MCSL! 

I'm a big fan of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese light/web novels of most genres. I first got into anime a long time ago, then manga, then the novels, you know, the usual progression.

This is also a rather short novel with only 406 chapters, which hopefully means it's packed with interesting content! Despite it being the old 'reincarnated' trope, it feels a little fresher with it's comedic take. I've so far found it pretty entertaining as I've translated it, and I hope you all will find it just as enjoyable~ 


by Sangwoosamuel