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UPDATE 04/04/2020: I'm stuck in Burma and unable to go back to Taiwan due to the corona situation. The virus is also starting to spread here; local transmissions and deaths are piling up. Utter chaos.

UPDATE 03/11/2020: Sort of went down with a cold, but I've recovered. Will make up for everything with +5 chapters dispersed over the coming weeks.

UPDATE 02/29/2020: I'm feeling a bit unwell, probably something to do with the hectic schedule and lack of sleep. I'll make up for the missed chapter as soon as I can.

UPDATE 02/27/2020: Sorry for the erratic release times this week. I'll try to get them back to normal over the course of next week. My real-life schedule is just a huge mess right now.

UPDATE 01/20/2020: I've more or less recovered now. Thanks for the well-wishes and understanding ^_^ You guys are the best!

UPDATE 01/16/2020: Thanks for all the well-wishes. I'm still working little by little when I feel okay, but progress has been very slow. I hope to be able to get one chapter out by tomorrow...

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Update: The chapter has been released! Managed to release it before boarding the transit flight. It was an ultra-short transit, boarding has started by the time I arrived at the gate.

I'm about to board my flight and just found out that I can't buy internet access for the first half; only after transit. Chapter will be very late! Sorry.

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Hey guys ^_^ Legion here,

Chapter release times might be a bit erratic for the next 3 days, please bear with me for a while. Sorry!

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Hey everyone ^_^ Legion here!

A bit of update on the slow catchup chapters. I began moving to a new apartment after my exams, but I think I grossly underestimated the effort involved... and the number of things I have. Right now I've successfully moved a truckload of boxes to my new place and it's a crazy mess here. I managed set up my pc temporarily just last night. I'll definitely catch up to the chapters I missed during the exams after I settle in and also this week's eighth chapter. I owe you guys 4! Look forward to a couple of doubles this week.

Also, I'll post some more photos on twitter and Instagram, later :) Follow me there if you're interested.


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Hi everyone ^_^ Legion here!

I was cramming so hard the past couple of days that I didn't get to reply to the comments individually, but I did read them all. Thanks everyone, for the encouragement, wishes, and telling me to focus on my studies. I think I did okay! XD 

I'm back now. I'll first focus on resuming a steady flow of routine chapters this week. I'll then catch up on the missed chapters over the course of next week. The story is getting really exciting! 


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Hi everyone ^_^ Legion here!

I have an exam this weekend. I usually take a week off and make up for it with doubles, later on. But this time, I'm trying my best not to take this break because the story is at such an exciting phase and everyone's eager to read on--even if it means I have to work late into the night.  I would, however, like to take a break on the actual exam days which fall on this weekend (20th and 21st of July). As always, I will make up for all the missing chapters in the coming weeks, (a total of 3 including this week's 8th chapter.)

And as always, thank you for reading and supporting MEN/MoE. You guys are the best!


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Hi everyone ^_^ it's Legion here!

I'm happy to announce that we have a new high-res MEN/MoE artwork! This one is a cool scene featuring Qianye and the arachne Brahms. The download link is attached to Chapter 608 and will move down the sponsored chapters queue in order. Do check it out if you're interested and leave me a comment about what you think. Also, feel free to suggest new scenes you guys would like to see an artwork of :D

EDIT: I'll be linking them to 3 chapters 608, 609, 610 so that sponsors with 1-advance chapters will have a couple of days to download them before it gets removed

Note: This is a sponsor-only bonus for now and will be removed once the chapter comes out of sponsor, so be sure to grab it if you're interested!

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Happy April Fools everyone!!! Sorry about the prank :P 

I have, in fact, not translated all 1500 chapters of MEN. So many of you followed me on twitter! Thank you, everyone. The trust you guys had in me made me feel rather guilty about the joke. As a small token of my appreciation, allow me to add 3 extra chapters to the queue. They will be added in during the following weeks with no set schedule. Once again, happy April Fool's.

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Hey everyone, it's Legion here!

I'm back, and as promised, I'll be posting a total of 8 extra chapters over the upcoming week(s). One chapter will be posted at the usual time each day while the extras will come out with no set schedule. Also, I just received word from my artist that the next artwork is almost done! Look forward to a lot of stuff this month.

Thanks again for reading/sponsoring MEN!


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Hello everyone! Legion here ^_^

The winners for the giveaway event are here! Lots were drawn using "random.org", and winners for the reader’s pool are:

First prize: Ragnarok37 (@AlexAdamson37)

Second prize: Victr0 (@victoream)

Third prize: Ro1and (@ro1andser)

The winner for the sponsor pool is Darkeningsight (@darkeningsight).

Thanks for participating, everyone ^_^ For those who didn't win in this giveaway, don't worry! We'll be doing more of these in the future, so follow me and keep an eye out for my twitter posts!

If you haven't seen the cool gifts we prepared, check out the Giveaway Announcement.

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Hey Everyone, it’s Legion here! 

I’m super delighted to announce that we’ve hit 500 chapters. I had the honor of taking on MEN/MoE at chapter 170 and now we’ve arrived at 500. I’d like to thank everyone, both readers and sponsors, for accompanying me on this journey and supporting me. I was able to come this far because of you all. But this is just the beginning! The story is unraveling some of its deepest plots and strong developments seem to be looming just over the horizon! Let’s forge ahead together and see what transpires in Evernight.

It also happens to be Chinese New Year! Happy Spring Festival, everyone! Here's to a year of health, wealth and love!

For those who haven't read the novel, Monarch of Evernight is a dark, mature novel set in a steampunk world with western fantasy elements like vampires, werewolves, and a sniper MC. We've reached chapter 500, so it's a great time to pick it up! 


I want to hold a giveaway to celebrate this milestone. I gave the prizes a lot of thought recently and finally...

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Hey everyone ^_^ It's Legion here!

I'm back! Thanks, everyone for their wishes and I'm relieved to say I did quite okay in the exams. I'll be delivering double chapters from now on to make up for the 7 chapter deficits from my break, and then some for the holidays! One chapter will be posted at the usual time each day while the second chapter won't have a fixed time. I'll try to post the second ones daily but maybe it'll vary a little bit. 

I'll also try to accumulate for a new year bonus, but considering I don't have much time left, I'm not too sure how many I can muster. 

Happy holidays and thanks for reading and sponsoring MEN/MoE!


Edit: My release schedules are really messed up as I struggle to release two chapters a day. Do bear with an unfixed release schedule until I've finished clearing the owed chapters.

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Hi everyone ^_^ It's Legion here! 

I'm happy to announce that a sponsorship milestone has been reached! A big thank you to our awesome sponsors--I can't begin to express how much I appreciate the support.

We'll be going 8/week from now on and the advance chapters offered will also be increased as much as the rules allow. Another artwork is also on the way and should be coming soon ^_^

I'd also like to add that I'll be taking a short break during the second week of December to cram for my exams, but every missed chapter will be made up for immediately afterward. Hope you guys have a great holiday season! And once again thank you all for reading and sponsoring Monarch of Evernight.

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Hi everyone, it's Legion here!

I appeared for an interview in episode 16 of Immortal Index Podcast yesterday. I'll leave a link below for anyone who's interested in checking it out. I was stammering quite a bit and forgot a lot of stuff I wanted to say in my nervousness. What I really wanted to say is a sincere thank you to all readers and sponsors of Monarch of Evernight--you guys are the best. 

And NO!!! that's not how I sound in real life :P I'm not that squeaky teenager.

Interview Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-fdaQ3v70I

The IIP channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVfwsgGqyOWpJFwG6dpVgxg

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Hi everyone ^_^ Legion here!

We have a brand new MEN/MoE artwork for our sponsors! The link to the high-resolution wallpaper will be attached to Chapter 395, so be sure to check it out if you're interested! My plan is to add one artwork each month as a sponsorship reward, but it's prone to some changes depending on how long the artist takes. This particular work took some time due to the level of details involved. I'm already planning for the next one!

Note: The link will move down the sponsorship queue and will be removed when the chapter comes out of it!

Thanks, everyone for reading and sponsoring MEN/MoE ^_^ 


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Hi everyone ^_^ Legion here!

We have a brand new MEN/Moe artwork for our sponsors! The link to the high-resolution wallpaper will be attached to Volume 5 Chapter 47, so be sure to check it out! It's not entirely set in stone, but the plan is to add one artwork each month as a sponsorship reward. With your support, we can add some colors to the world of Evernight and beyond!

Note: The link will be removed when the chapter comes out of the sponsorship queue!

Thank you for reading and sponsoring MEN/MoE ^_^ 


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Hi everyone! Legion here! 

I'm pleased to announce that MoE/MEN has reached a sponsorship milestone and will be going 7 chapters per week starting from July. We'll also be increasing the number of advance chapters over the course of one week. Thank you for reading MoE/MEN and a big shoutout to all the sponsors for their support! 

The progress towards the next sponsorship milestone can be found in the form of a widget which will be manually updated every week or if there's a significant change in percentage. 

Note: There may be some very minor adjustments to the percentage on the widget when the actual statistics come out at payday.

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Hi everyone, Legion here! We've completed the transition to in-house. So, there will be no more advance chapters on patreon, but it'll remain open for pure donations. We've also increased the advance chapter counts effective today. Thanks for all the support! ^_^

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Hello everyone, -Legion- here!

Monarch of Evernight Volume 3 is coming to a close so let's celebrate it with a mini mass release of 3 chapters (that was all I could muster)!!! How will Qianye develop his mercenary corps? What is this imminent war all about? How will he get through this conflict? Let's find out together as we continue to the next volume: Perpetual Conflict.

To our dao friends who are not yet aware, I received the honor of succeeding Alyschu senpai as TL for MEN/MoE in March and we're now releasing 6 chapters per week. Monarch of Evernight is a captivating and action-packed novel with a deep plot. The beginning is somewhat slow, but it's nothing short of addictive as the story starts progressing rapidly later on. So be sure to drop by and give it a try if you're interested! 



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Evernight readers, as many of you know alys has been completely swamped for quite some time now, as many of her translators have ended up dropping out of the team while she still had three projects. A few weeks ago, I discussed with her the topic of having someone else work on MEN starting early March. That time has come now. The new translator for MEN shall be Legion, and he has spent the past month reading up on MEN and getting up to speed. Hopefully, this will lessen the pressure on alys in general and will get us more dedicated, regular chapters of MEN!

At the same time, we're releasing eight final chapters from alys as a parting gift. Thanks for reading and take care, and also please join me in welcoming Legion to Wuxiaworld! :)

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Greetings fellow brothers and sisters, it's around 4:30am over here and I am barely clinging onto the last sliver of  my consciousness. In fact, I might possibly be typing this all with my eyes already shut tight. Anyways, before I get too off topic, MEN is finally here!! It was actually supposed to be released on the 1st of May, which was yesterday, but spoopy things happened so two chapters are out today!

This story is absolutely wonderful and has literally everything from cultivation, vampires, werewolves, and guns, oh my! Go check it out!

Storychu time:

I announced a while back that MEN was to be released at a release rate of 2/day to kick it off, but I had to pretty much drop that plan (and the rest of all my other plans which made me super duper busy!) because I'm preparing to head to China some day this month to visit my grandma. She had a really nasty fall late last year which frightened the jeebies out of practically everyone, including mommychu, who suddenly decided to push our planned visit to an earlier...

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