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Hi guys, Ren here!  Commandeering the MGA page to do an MGA announcement.  Our new ad system, as discussed in this post, is now being tested here on MGA.  All normal ads have been removed and replaced with a single bi-chapter video ad.  Ad-free VIP accounts, of course, will see nothing as usual. What you SHOULD see is a short video ad attached to an actual WW video that you can skip over in about five or ten seconds. This is a super early beta version, so there are bound to be some kinks for some people in the first few days, given all the various configurations people have.  Thanks for being patient with us, and we welcome all constructive input if you experience the system not working the way it is intended.

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Remaining 2 chapters released. Schedule returning to normal now. 

Released 3 out of the 5 chapters. Still translating. Missing everyone 2 more chapters. Expect them to come later tonight or early tomorrow.

Taking the day off to celebrate the Fourth of July.
Today's chapters will be released tomorrow with an additional chapter for a total of 5 chapters.

by Yang Wenli

All 5 chapters has been released.

Today's chapters will be released tomorrow together with tomorrow's chapters plus an extra to make up for it.

Had to do a 6 hour drive today, extremely tired. My apologies.

by Yang Wenli

Only one chapter today. Will release the other chapter tomorrow. Having some difficulty translating today.

Chapters released

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Today’s chapters will be delayed because I am not at home right now. They shall be released once I get back. I think the delay might be 2-3 hours from usual release time.

Chapters has been released.

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There will be no chapters today. Instead, 4 chapters will be released tomorrow. Having some left side abdominal pain all day. Sorry about this.

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Today chapters will be delayed and might be released together with tomorrow's chapters if the delay is too long. My apologies.

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Utmost Exalted Elder is changed to Supreme Elder for the sake of clarity so as to not conflict with Utmost Exalted (cultivation rank)

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The results for the June Giveaway are here.

$200 Visa Gift Card Winner: Psantheus
$100 Visa Gift Card Winner: Tomo
$50 Visa Gift Card Winner: Yulcadavis

There are a total of 162 valid entries from 106 individuals.

I have emailed the winners. You have a week to claim your prize.


All three winners have received their prizes. I will host another giveaway in a month or two :)

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Hello, today is the end of the sign-up date for the June Giveaway.

There are a total of 162 valid entries from 106 individuals. (There might be 1 more person and 1 more valid entry... waiting for email response for screenshot.)

The raffle for the 3 winners will happen on the 6th. I will be emailing the winners that they've won and post their preferred name in an announcement.

If you had not given me any preferred name, I will use the first name and last initial on your email.

Good luck everyone!

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Holding a giveaway for the month of June. This might be the first of many more giveaways to come.

I am a strong believer that it is best to give away cash. As such, the prizes shall be visa gift cards! You decide what you want to purchase!

As the visa gift cards are only available for US residents, if the winners in the June giveaway happens to be from elsewhere, we will work something out. If a gift card to your location doesn't work, there is always a direct cash payment through paypal ;)

The Prizes
First place winner: $200 Visa Gift Card
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Third place winner: $50 Visa Gift Card

You can choose to receive any other kind of gift card too. If Amazon gift card works better for you, I can get you that instead.

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You can earn a total of 4 entry tickets through the following means.

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Volume 6 - Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm is finished now.

We are now starting Volume 7 - Return Of The Discarded Child with chapter 2673.

by Yang Wenli

Past 2 days, the flu has been extremely bad. I was unable to concentrate and spent the majority of the day sleeping with the rest of my family.

Things are a bit better today, although I still feel dizzy, no appetite (feels like puking just from eating anything...) and my concentration is still not all there. That said, my chills have gone away and overall feeling better than before.


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End ch. 41-46/80 for this month.

- Cultivator Loveless Murder, Yang Wenli!!!

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Caught a very bad cold or flu, today is the first day. I just took a 6 hr nap... and still feel like crap.

I will try to post some chapters later, sorry about this.

That said, I will make sure there are 80chapters posted at the end of this month.

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