Guys, I've just uploaded two tiers of the advanced chapter right now ~~ Still rushing out the third tier but yeap, it's up wheee

I've conceptualized the tier system based on possibly increasing levels of skin thickness, which in terms reflect the level of shamelessness that a person can reach (I've some ideas in mind, but please do drop me suggestions for future tiers too ~~).

If you're on browser, here is the link to the subscription plans:

For mobile, to be honest I'm not very sure how it works heh.

Anyway, I've also created a subreddit for my novels since it's much more conducive to discuss plotlines, share memes, talk stuff over on reddit as compared to on the comment section. I just started it 2 days ago though, so it's still pretty dead at the moment, but yeap!

by starvecleric

Yo everyone~

My name is Starve, Starve Cleric. I'm quite low profile person so I don't think anyone here knows me. I'm new to Wuxiaworld, joining around several months ago to take over the legacy of Martial God Asura from YWL. I never thought that I would be able to slip in an announcement on the front page, so I want to start off my boring you with my personal information.

I'm a self-identified 18-year-old human being living on a little red dot. One common question I often receive is how many years of experience I have being 18, but that's too personal a question. 

I started off translating Zhan Long a long, long time ago, like 2014(?). They used to have an excel sheet with chapters split into 4 parts, and you can take whichever part you want. Each part earns you $2 (though I don't think I've received my payment yet >:). I think I should have earned at least $50. It was my first try at translating, and I think I did it quite horribly esp since I present tensed everything, but fortunately there are always editors...

by starvecleric