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In view of the recent exciting cliffhangers, a new tier has been added for your viewing pleasure with 60 advanced chapters. 

Head over to our advanced subscription page if you're keen, very keen!

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by Qumu

Hi guys,

We brought a savior on board, Blip!

He'll be joining the team to help increase the weekly releases to 14/week. (From 1 July)

As some may have noticed, we also changed the advanced chapters tiers subscriptions.


Tier 1   USD 10/-   4 advance chapters

Tier 2    USD 20/-   8 advanced chapters

Tier 3    USD 50/-  20 advanced chapters 

More tiers would be added soon.

Thank you for your patience.

by Qumu

Dedicated by the Invincible Team

Illustration by Embun Lebah

by Qumu


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By popular demand 

Sorry, my ego got carried away. 

Okay, new tiers have been added to the subscription. Go check it out.

Hi everyone, 

The first tier of advanced chapters is up for those who'd like to read ahead!

by Qumu