Hi all, wanted to let everyone know that DPY should be coming to an end some time in mid September and this will be our final month on this novel together.
Although there's always a slight sad, empty and happy feeling as a story comes to an end, if you guys wish to read something similar, do give the same author's new work, Absolute Resonance a try.

Hope to see you guys there, this time as a fellow reader instead of a translator~

by Yellowlaw

A little late but please support us via the new 20 chapter tier as we enter a new chapter in Dragon Prince Yuan!

by Yellowlaw

After over many many many trials and over 600 chapters, we're finally introducing advanced chapter tiers for Dragon Prince Yuan (woohoo?!)

We've opened two tiers for now; a 2 for $5 tier and a 5 for $12 tier and will be rolling out more eventually when we can

Huge thanks to everyone whose been supporting Dragon Prince Yuan for the past year, and we will do our best to be worthy of your support till Dragon Prince Yuan eventually comes to an end~


by Yellowlaw

Hey DPY readers, Ren here.  Wuxiaworld is announcing a one-week hiatus for Dragon Prince Yuan while we get some stuff in order.  In short, yeow has needed a bit of help for a while now, and we're bringing Aran on (who translated Imperial God Emperor) to give him a hand.  We'll spend a week doing some reorganizing and making sure terms and everything are continuous, then will be fully relaunching on July 7th, 2020, so mark your calendars.

I've seen a few comments and complaints directed at yeow over the course of the past year due to the posting irregularities, and I feel the need and responsibility to clarify a few things.  First and foremost, I take full responsibility for these issues, because I didn't intervene soon enough.  Second, we all owe yeow an enormous debt of gratitude for what he has done.  

To draw the curtain back a bit on internal operations - as yeow is one of our veteran translators, he had the option to choose 'revshare' for compensation.  Revshare means, 'you eat what you kill'; there's no 'flat...

by RWX

Unfortunately, Yellowlaw is currently in hospital due to a medical issue (nothing life-threatening, and not coronavirus!) He's just finished having the procedure he needed and is currently resting. If all goes well, he'll be discharged from hospital tomorrow. 

This of course means there won't be any chapters today or tomorrow, but hopefully releases will resume soon after. Please be patient in the meantime!

by Jaspaaar

Dragon Prince Yuan is out of sneak peak!

Huge thank you to Ren, Mr. and Mrs. Heavenly Silk Worm Potato, Zongheng, Jaspaar for making this happen and of course all you lovely readers for your patience and understanding~

Dragon Prince Yuan is a fun and generally lighthearted but sometimes emotional read (edited*) placed in a world of cultivation.

Our MC is a determined, strong willed individuals with staunch moral values, while the supporting cast of characters are honestly a little cliche but very lovable, entertaining and absolutely essential for our enjoyment.

I'm aiming to do 2 chapter per day so do support me and give Dragon Prince Yuan a try!

Very Sincerely,


by Yellowlaw