Dear readers of Dragon Poor,

We have now launched yet another chapter tier for 24 chapters! Thank you for all the support and love shown to Dragon Poor up till now (:

by Cosyjuhye

Hello all readers!

If you have yet to notice, we have sneakily launched a new chapter tier and now you can be one of the spears for Adenburg! Join Seon-Hyeok in defending the empire here!

by Cosyjuhye

Hi everyone,

Today we've added a new advance chapter tier! Now you can gain access to up to 12 additional chapters. 

If you're enjoying the story so far, please consider subscribing and supporting the translation. If you have done already, thank you! 

by Jaspaaar

Hey everyone!

I’m BananaOoyoo, a new Korean translator on WuxiaWorld!

A bit of a background on myself: I’m from Korea, though I grew up in the United States. I have some experience as a translator and interpreter, mostly in professional and research type settings, but this is my first time tackling a full novel. (300+ chapters is pretty intimidating!)

Solo Leveling got me interested in web novels in general, and right now, I enjoy reading Overgeared. (Do you know God Grid?) It’s pretty crazy how the story’s at 1300+ chapters right now, and still going strong.

Anyways, I’m excited to be working on Dragon Poor, and it’s cool seeing it finally launch after a few months spent translating. My translation skills still need a lot of work, especially in this type of medium, but I hope you’ll all stick around!

(The author’s naming sense is as bad as his characters’. Sorrynot sorry)

Stay healthy and safe, and I’ll get back to translating now :)

by Bananaooyoo