Hey everyone, here are the winners for the fanart contest!

A big congratulations to the winners! Check out the winning works below and scroll to the bottom to find out what the surprise is. ;)

In first place we have Janrei! Here's his short self-introduction:

Love the works of Tjss. Kindly visit my dA jreydomat/deviantart. Also want to thank all of you guys for this.

Devianart profile


In second place we have Ania! Here's her self-introduction:

Hi, my name is Ania, I live in Poland, my passion is digital art-especially illustration and photomanipulation. If you liked my entry come visit me at my Devianart page. Thank you all who voted for me=)


In third place, we have Wen-D! Here's her self-introduction:

Hello, I am Wen-D. I really enjoy reading the child of light due to its own uniqueness in contrast to what I read everyday. I was also introduced to some aspects of Chinese culture that I found quite interesting as well. I am a beginner digital artist, therefore my art is lacking compares to other art...

Hey everyone, voting commences now!  

All of the voting works are displayed below. Take your time to look through them and vote for the works that you consider the best

Note that there were multiple suggested scenes, but other than that, artists could have drawn literally anything, as long as it was clearly related to Child of Light in some way. Also remember that there were milestones with secret surprises, and milestone value multipliers depending on the content of the art. So, I'm honestly disappointed we didn't get any Zhang GongxZhang Hu art. Or some cross novel art. I'm a big fan of Skyfire Avenue (another great novel here on Wuxia World by the way. Check it out!), so any artists who had done some cross novel art between Child of Light and Skyfire Avenue would have gotten a huge point multiplier. We may have even reached the possibly server breaking milestone. Alas, no one thought outside the box.

There are 39 voting entries and the milestone value of all the art submitted is 45.

As a reminder, these were the...

Break out those art supplies, readers!

The end of Child of Light is approaching quickly, with a little more than 2 volumes remaining. Thus, in celebration, I will be holding a fanart contest here on Wuxia World! Artists are free to draw anything related to Child of Light! Be it a scene in the novel, or something you thought up yourself; you can draw it! The contest will be held from July 18 to August 31st with monetary prizes totaling $350 and fantastic (perhaps even server breaking) milestone rewards!

Read the rules below and post your submissions in the forums! Update: Reference art has been added!

Content: It’s a free for all! You can draw anything (within reason) you want as long as it’s related to Child of Light! However, here are a few recommended scenes to draw in case you can’t think of anything:

  1. Zhang Gong leaning his head against Xiao Jin
  2. Zhang Gong surrounded by the dragons, who are asking him to name them
  3. Zhang Gong and Mu Zi
  4. [To be revealed in Volume 11!]
  5. Characters in action!
Prizes: 1st...

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Volume 9: Chapter 32

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Volume 5: Chapter 5

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