Some of you had suspicions and here is your answer! I am very happy to inform all of you that Mars is back! Below is a translation of a post he made on weixin last night, his first public communication in almost a year.

The Night Of Calamity Has Yet To End, The Beginning Of The Final Chapter Of Heretic God

Long time no see, everyone.

I checked my last post, and it was posted on... June 7th 2020? Damn, that's terrible!

There were many, many, many, MANY people who asked me where I've gone to die, so I supposed I should briefly explain things before getting to the main point.

As a whole, Heretic God was doing really well last year. The novel became the top searched keyword on Baidu and even other major search engines. My subscription count climbed for twenty-four hours non-stop, and I could safely say that I had reached the peak of my career. It was like a dream come true... 

And then I came. 

No, not like that. It's like someone pushed a button inside me, and I just lost all my form completely. I'm not even sure quite...

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Hey everyone, chu here. A chapter will be coming out soon but I'd like to make a small announcement while that's getting worked on. Rubble, our amazing editor on ATG, has been undergoing intensive cancer treatments for the last couple of weeks and things have been really hard on him. Between covid-19 forcing him to not work his normal job and his cancer resurfacing again to bully him, the future of his piggy bank is looking very grim. I understand that many of us have probably also been financially impacted this year, but if anyone is willing to help him out, any amount is appreciated! Every dollar donated is a dollar less that he has to worry about come post treatment time.

Rubble's gofundme page:

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Hey guys, unfortunately our beloved author Mars has been pretty much MIA lately when it came to releasing a new chapter. We originally thought he would bounce back from his fatigue due to the broadcast chapters he did so we didn't see the need to mention it, but it's been about a week now since his last chapter.

Our highest tier, which we are now fixing to 10 chapters exactly, is caught up to his last public release. This also means we will have to pause the translation until he's back in tip-top shape. Once he does come back with renewed energy like he did the other times we've caught up, we'll do our best to push them out asap. Keep an eye out everyone, stay tuned, until next time on YunCheballz ATG!

Mars is live again for now!

by alyschu

Hi all,

Devil Master Yun Che's official art is now uploaded! The direct link is here, and you can also reach the link via Details on the Against the Gods novel page.

Happy reading, everyone!! And do make sure to stay safe!! 

ps. Shameless advertising: My other novel, VRMMO: The Unrivaled is in the high 100s now!! Anyone interested in reading a VRMMO novel should go check it out!!

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Hi everyone! chu here!

I have a couple of things to say so I'll number them for your convenience. Totally not because I know I'll go off on a tangent.

1) Official Art: I've known for a long time that our beloved author, Mars, commissioned artists for our cute girls but I never really got around showing you guys them (discord doesn't count). When we asked him if we could post them here on the website, he said go ahead, and that we're too polite! You may call me politechu now. The direct link is here, but if anyone wants to stare at it again, I've added the link under Details on the Against the Gods novel page. Do check them out, especially the one for Chi Wuyao and our Brahma Monarch Goddess, yowch!!

2) Broadcast Clarifications: I'd like to clarify what Mars wrote on weixin so people don't go crazy in the comments or misunderstand what he's saying. There will be a popularity contest between the three "great god" zongheng authors on a specific broadcast show late April. The one who is ranked at the top of the weekly...

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It occurred to me that not everyone is aware of this even though I had it up in the translator's thoughts under the chapters (!!), so I'm going to paste what Rubble helped me say here. Not because I'm super lazy but because I might just be a wee bit lazy.

We've caught Mars again.  We will only be maintaining 4 advanced chaps while we are caught up to Mars.  Release rate will be "after Mars writes a chapter".  Hopefully Mars will go on one of his writing binges again soon and we can return to normal, but until that time we will do our best for you all. 

Feel free to wiggle and do the rain dance while praying for more chapters. You know you want to.

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Hi all, chu here. 

Due to popular demand since five million years ago, we're opening a +5 chapter tier! But if we catch Mars we'll only hold back 4. This will give people who want it access, without hurting our cute readers!

Give yourself a pat on the back if you were one of those who asked for it because here it is! Constantly saying no everytime I was asked if there will be a new tier made me feel bad but there was no way around it back then because brainchu never activated. 

Link to ze sponsored page

Disclaimer: Creation God is a temporary tier that will be hidden from new sponsors when we are 9 chapters away from the author, counting from the Azure Dragon tier. Sponsors will get warned when we are 10 chapters away from the author. Once we are caught up to the author, the Azure Dragon tier with 4 advanced chapters will be the highest visible tier. Current Creation God sponsors may stay in this tier but they will only get 4 advanced chapters if we are fully caught up to the author. However, if he picks up the pace,...

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Chapter 1041 is brought to you by Craxuan, Rubble and alyschu.

Enjoy the chapter!

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Also, here's a long update post regarding MEN and ATG.[spoiler title='ATG and MEN Update' style='default' collapse_link='true']ATG & MEN Update: Hi all, it has been a while since I've surfaced from the dead to speak with you all. This post is an update from me to you guys about the current status of me and the team. My internet at home used to only die on rare times but since a while ago, it has been horrendous ever since Time Warner Cable changed itself to Spectrum. This is the reason I've been mostly avoiding getting online via my laptop at home and having someone else post the chapters on wuxiaworld, even if there is a delay in our timezones. No longer did I only take 2-5 minutes to upload a chapter, so it was heavily eating into my time. Do not ever get that ISP unless it's the only one you are able to get. At this moment, I am just super salty that other ISP's...

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Chapter 1038 is brought to you by Xian, Rubble and alyschu. Chapter 1039 is brought to you by Craxuan, Rubble and alyschu.

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