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by Deathblade

I'm excited to announce that my original epic wuxia fantasy novel Legends of Ogre Gate has been professionally edited and is now available on Amazon in both eBook and paperback. Check it out here! My intention with the story was to make it a good intro into the wuxia and xianxia genres, so if you have friends or family who wonder what Chinese fantasy novels are about, this should be a great starter novel (and a much quicker read than the insanely long web novels we are all used to). That said, it is still a meaty book, coming in at over 800 pages in the printed format. 

This version is a big step up from the original serialized format, both in terms of the writing quality and the plot. So many errors were fixed in editing that it's almost a new story. It also includes a map of the world that was not in the original release.

If you have the time, please leave an honest review on Amazon. 

Thanks so much, and enjoy the story!

by Deathblade

As I announced a while ago, I’m on contract with a major publisher to co-write a table-top RPG with a wuxia theme and setting. We’ve been playtesting the game for the past few months with experienced players, and now I would like to put out a call for players to join a new group which will be run online by me. In terms of my qualifications as a GM, I have GM’d off-and-on for over 15 years, mostly with the d20 system. Before leaving China, I ran a very successful 5e campaign that took the players from level 1 to level 8.

That said, our wuxia game does not use d20, but rather, another system that should be easy for anyone familiar with TTRPGs to pick up. It is gritty and unforgiving. Do not be surprised if your character loses a limb in a fight in level 1 or develops an unquenchable thirst for blood during the process of reaching level 2. And death is a real possibility, so pick your battles wisely: this is definitely not a hack-n-slash dungeon crawl game.

IMPORTANT: the genre is WUXIA. Not xianxia, not xuanhuan,...

by Deathblade

As I announced a while back, the Deathblade Clan has moved from China to the United States. For anyone who missed it, I did a video going into the details of why we made such a big decision. For the most part, the move has gone as expected, with one big exception: my work efficiency. Because of a variety of factors, I'm simply not able to get as much work done as I had anticipated. 

We should be settled soon, and I'll be able to get back to work like before. And luckily, I prepared very well before leaving China; therefore, the standard release rate will remain the same, that being two chapters per day, seven days a week. As I mentioned in a previous announcement, the general release time has changed by a few hours because of me being on Pacific Coast Time now. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to stop doing the bonus releases that I started a few months ago. It's just too difficult considering my current situation. After I get settled and back to work, I may continue to throw in some bonus chapters, but I can't...

by Deathblade

Congratulations to all of the winners of the various contests! It was awesome to see so much amazing art. The winning pieces have been selected, and here they are. Please be aware that there are spoilers in some of the art for readers who aren't up to date with all of the stories.

A Will Eternal Character art

Bai Hao by Manuel P.

Bai Xiaochun by Shameer T.

Song Que by George-Florin V.

A Will Eternal scene art 

Death of Bai Hao by Frederico R.

Bai Xiaochun's creations by Jason L.

Renegade Immortal character art

Li Muwan by Cynthia Y.

Renegade Immortal scene art

Time Won't Wait for Me by Jacob W.

I Shall Seal the Heavens art

I'll Make You Proud, Sir by Jacob W.

Er Gen Universe crossover art

Bai Xiaochun and Meng Hao by Ayla D. V.

by Deathblade

Our Er Gen art contest had over 175 entries, and we've narrowed them down to a handful of finalists! Please check them out and give your opinion! There is some really amazing stuff here, I'm definitely looking forward to reader input. Please note that although the polls don't expire, I will be selecting winners within about 2 days, so don't delay: check them out and vote now! Don't forget that you can click on the individual entries to see larger versions.

AWE Character Art Batch 1 Finalists

AWE Character Art Batch 2 Finalists

AWE Scene Art Finalists

RI Character Art Finalists

RI Scene Art Finalists

ISSTH Art Finalists

Crossover Art Finalists

I would like to reiterate that the polling is not the only factor that will go into the selection of the winners, especially if I see any evidence of fraudulent voting activity.

by Deathblade

Hey everyone, if you have a moment, check out the contest entries so far and give thumbs up to the ones you like. If you have more than a moment, click on some of the entries and give feedback (be nice!). You can sign into the website via Facebook, which makes it very easy. Here are the links. The most entries are in the AWE character art contest.

A Will Eternal character art

A Will Eternal scene art

Renegade Immortal character art

Renegade Immortal scene art

I Shall Seal the Heavens character or scene art

Er Gen Universe crossover art

On another note, I am now based in California, not China. Before, my chapter releases were roughly timed with my morning and late evening, but my time zone has shifted, and soon, so will the specific release times. They will still be according to my morning and late evening, except that California is about 3-4 hours off of Beijing time. I'm not sure exactly when the change will happen, as I'm still overcoming jet lag, and my sleep schedule is whacky. But it will be within the next few...

by Deathblade

To go along with major milestones in both A Will Eternal and Renegade Immortal, I'm excited to announce that Rex and I are hosting the biggest art contest to date on WuxiaWorld. We have categories for ALL of the WW Er Gen novels, even I Shall Seal the Heavens! 

If you're not an artist, you can still participate by giving feedback to the contestants, and ultimately, voting on the winners. Another thing you can do if you're not an artist is to convince any artist friends you have to join, with you as their art director!

To enter the contest, create an account at, which is very easy to join and use. You can sign in with Facebook, and can easily connect your PayPal to get prize payments (I think you can also connect bank cards, but not totally sure). The site works in any country, and although the prizes will be in USD, your payout can be in local currency. 

And now for the fun stuff, the categories. All of the contest rules, as well as the specific prizes, are in the links below. One link for each contest...

by Deathblade

Greetings, Fellow Daoists. Considering I just posted the 1,000th chapter of AWE, this seemed like a great time to add an important announcement. As I mentioned in this recent YouTube video, a big change is just around the corner for the Deathblade Clan. After living as an expat in China for over eight years, I'm going to move back to the United States next month. For me, it will be going "back home", and for Madam Deathblade, the opposite. She'll be leaving her ancestral homeland to go to the opposite side of the world. For Baby Deathblade, it will be a bit of both. 

For now, I mainly want to reassure readers of AWE that there will be no interruption in the chapter flow. I've been working my butt off over the past several weeks to make sure I have a healthy stockpile, which will ensure no delays as we move and get settled. Unless there are wildly unexpected circumstances, there will be two chapters per day, every day, at the usual time, just like there always are, all the way until the end of AWE.

In terms of the...

by Deathblade

As some of you may know, I occasionally provide high resolution wallpapers as a reward to sponsors. I've decided to release some of the old ones to everyone, starting with one of my top favorites, the Spirit Stream Sect. In the coming months I will release others. Eventually, I will put the wallpapers on the art gallery page as well. For now, they will exist only in this announcement post.

Please note that I've embedded a spell formation in the wallpapers that makes them invisible to non-fans of the novel. That's right, ONLY FANS can see the art! If you haven't started reading the novel yet, but can see the wallpapers, it means you are obviously a future fan, and should start reading the novel immediately!

Right click the image you want and "save as" to get the wallpaper. I'm including a temporary link at the bottom for the 4K version (3840x2160) that will expire after a week (it's too big to include directly in the body of the post).

1920x1080 version

1080x1920 iPhone version

Temporary link to 4K version here.

by Deathblade

I'm going to be traveling a bit within China on ISSTH/AWE-related business! As usual, I prepare well ahead of time so that there shouldn't be any interruptions in the usual release schedule. However, you never know what can happen with planes, trains, and automobiles, so this is quick heads up to be prepared in case anything unexpected happens. As usual, I will provide the latest updates on twitter.

by Deathblade

Hey everyone, I'll be live on the Immortal Index Podcast in a couple minutes to talk about all sorts of stuff. I'm going to be giving some thoughts about the ending of AWE in a completely non-spoiler fashion, in other words, talking about the pacing of the ending, and how the overall novel "feels". There will be a big announcement regarding ISSTH and a pretty major update regarding the Deathblade Clan. If there's time, I'll see if I can answer audience questions. Come join if you can, or check out the replay after the initial broadcast. Click here to join!

by Deathblade

A lot of people have asked why Bai Xiaochun is an "apothecary" while Meng Hao is an "alchemist." I explain the differences in this video, plus add some more tidbits of information. I would say the information is non-spoiler for both novels. Just general stuff about the two terms in question. Check out the video here.

by Deathblade

Greetings, Fellow Daoists! 

I currently release 2 chapters of AWE per day, for a total of 14 per week. However, I keep getting comments from sponsors and non-sponsors alike, asking for MORE. Well, dear readers, your requests have been heard. I will give you more, in the form of bonus chapters. 

As the title of this post suggests, the bonus chapters will be free (no sponsor goals attached, no donations, none of that). Furthermore, they will come as "ninja" chapters like in the good old days of ISSTH, meaning that they will be released at odd times compared to the normal release times. However, there is a catch. 

In order to unlock the bonus chapters, you readers will need to participate in some fun, light-hearted "challenges" that will take place in the comments sections of the chapters (and possibly some occasional challenges on social media). Each week there will be different challenges, the details of which will be revealed in the translator notes I leave at the ends of the chapters. To be clear, this is not going...

by Deathblade

Hi everyone, I have a new sponsor reward for AWE, a beautiful high-resolution wallpaper depicting some of the cast of characters from chapter 831. The link to the wallpaper is in chapter 832. Sponsoring AWE not only gets you advance access to chapters, it comes with rewards like this amazing painting. Go check it out!

by Deathblade

You have become the next master apothecary in the lands of Heavenspan! To enter the contest, invent a new medicinal pill for Bai Xiaochun to add to his arsenal!

All kinds of pills are okay, including weaponized pills, poison pills, etc. The only limits will be your imagination, although please keep them to the cultivation levels Bai Xiaochun has reached so far in the novel (no pills for Nascent Soul, Deva, or Demigod levels.). Please, keep the entries PG-13 level, which means don't make them explicit, obscene, pornographic, etc. The perfect example is the Aphrodisiac Pill in the story. Although we all know exactly what it does, the descriptions in the story itself are relatively vague, and all the "action" happens off screen. So please keep your medicinal pill descriptions "family friendly." If I see anything that goes too far, I will delete the entry. 

It doesn't matter whether your pill is designed to be "made" by Bai Xiaochun, or made by someone else and "used" by him. As long as it could realistically appear...

by Deathblade

Hey everyone, I'm going to be hosting a little contest to commemorate AWE chapter 500, and the winner will get a Nintendo Switch (or alternate prize if the winner already owns a Switch)!

How do you qualify to win?

Qualification #1: You must leave at least TEN meaningful comments on AWE chapters on Wuxiaworld, any time up until chapter 500 is posted! Please note: if you currently read and comment on AWE, your past comments will not count. The only comments which count will be ones made starting from the moment of this announcement until chapter 500 is posted. Any chapter 1 to 500 is fair game to leave comments on, so new readers are absolutely encouraged to binge read and add a few comments along the way! I very much appreciate any and all comments, including “thanks” and “EXPLOOOSIOOOOON”, but for this contest, I will limit it to comments of substance. That includes humorous observations, profound insights, thoughtful critiques, intriguing questions, etc. As long is they are comments about the story itself, they...

by Deathblade