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Hey, my illness actually worsened over the last few days. I'll be going in to hospital to do some tests and stuff. Hopefully its nothing serious

by rainbowturtle

The results for the June Giveaway are here.

$200 Visa Gift Card Winner: Psantheus
$100 Visa Gift Card Winner: Tomo
$50 Visa Gift Card Winner: Yulcadavis

There are a total of 162 valid entries from 106 individuals.

I have emailed the winners. You have a week to claim your prize.


All three winners have received their prizes. I will host another giveaway in a month or two :)

by Yang Wenli


Been less than a year and we're already at 500!!
With the WW retreat that I just attended and the launch of my second novel on Volare next week(12th of July), I totally forgot that this 500 milestone was coming up. :(
So I'm going to play it a little different this time. 

Everyone can comment with a reasonable giveaway/prize/event/competition for this 500 chapter milestone and I'll implement one or maybe more!! :)

Besides that, here's a sneak peek of my new novel, God of Illusions, that's launching next week.

Book One — Rising In Starnet Academy

Chapter 1 – You Seem To Be Talented….

Infinite Mountain Range, as an existence that caused others to reveal terror upon mentioning its name, an ordinary person should have kept away from it. But, it wasn’t the slightest bit silent here today.

In midair, a ‘birdman’ worked hard to flap his wings, yet its effect wasn’t quite obvious, and he collided right onto a towering tree….

“Motherfucker! I forgot the matters of this land. Fortunately, I have fucking good luck.” As...

by InVader

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Hi everyone! Legion here! 

I'm pleased to announce that MoE/MEN has reached a sponsorship milestone and will be going 7 chapters per week starting from July. We'll also be increasing the number of advance chapters over the course of one week. Thank you for reading MoE/MEN and a big shoutout to all the sponsors for their support! 

The progress towards the next sponsorship milestone can be found in the form of a widget which will be manually updated every week or if there's a significant change in percentage. 

Note: There may be some very minor adjustments to the percentage on the widget when the actual statistics come out at payday.

by -Legion-

Hello, today is the end of the sign-up date for the June Giveaway.

There are a total of 162 valid entries from 106 individuals. (There might be 1 more person and 1 more valid entry... waiting for email response for screenshot.)

The raffle for the 3 winners will happen on the 6th. I will be emailing the winners that they've won and post their preferred name in an announcement.

If you had not given me any preferred name, I will use the first name and last initial on your email.

Good luck everyone!

by Yang Wenli
The cover is no longer just a blue jpeg of nothingness! 

In other news, I am back from WuxiaWorld's Bangkok trip! I'm still a bit jetlagged though.

As I said in my last translator's notes, I will be increasing the number of chapters per week from 5/week to 7/week + random bonus chapters here and there. Not a huge increase, but it's a start! The chapters will still come around 4 PM Eastern Time (UTC -4). If there is a bonus chapter, it will come out around 10~11 PM. 

I'm also planning a contest of some sort, which I will probably do in a month or so. I will, of course, make an announcement post when the time comes. 

Meanwhile, share the novel, recommend it to a friend, and give it review on novelupdates! 

As always, you can contact me at [email protected] or message me on discord (I will try to be on TNE's discord channel more. Ping me if you need anything!). I'm also reading all your comments (some of them are quite funny), so do leave any suggestions/typo fixes!

Thank you to all readers! A big shout out to all...

by FudgeNouget

Hey guys, here's another cover artwork i've commission for Martial World, this time depicting Lin Ming. I wanted to time it with the announcement of the contest winners but it was a bit delayed. I hope you enjoy it!

Here is a higher resolution:

Do you prefer the current cover art or this one? Leave your comments below!

(Guess which arc this is based off of!) 

by hyorinmaru

Hey fellow Linmaniacs, the submissions have been reviewed by me and a few others and the two winners have been decided! I want to thank everyone for participating and it was extremely fun looking through all the submissions! They were all very creative and interesting. Please look forwards to the next Martial World prize contest!

The winners are:

Daoist Taoist and StephenLemieux!

Please contact me on discord or leave your contact details down below.

Here is a list of the submissions for your viewing pleasure:

Daoist Taoist -

StephenLemieux -

Crimson Bright -

Lord Eydis -

NoobMonarch -

cayne25468 -

Celestial_Qilin -

bob3002 -


by hyorinmaru

Hey guys, as some of you may know, there is a WW meeting this week where we will all meet up and talk about a few things. Originally, I was planning on translating through this period, but I am truly too exhausted to do so. I apologize for this short notice. 

My flight was originally supposed to be 20+ hours. Now, 30 hours later, I am stuck in Seoul with more than 8 hours before I make it to my destination. Long story short, one piece of my flight was deleted from their system for no reason. 


I will be back with chapters next week monday. 

by Pika

Hello everyone,

Starting today and ending on July 1st, 12:00 AM PST, I will be opening up the sponsored queue, 40 dollars per chapter, and NO limits on how many chapters until July 1st

These donations will NOT be going towards me, but towards Games Done Quick and Doctors Without Borders.

Games Done Quick is a bi-annual charity gaming marathon. Volunteers play games at incredible speed (“Speedrunning”) for entertainment. The event is streamed live online, non-stop, and all donations go directly to the charity.

You can donate here, and in order to keep track of donations, please leave proof of donation in the comments below (Such as a timestamp when you donated so I can cross-reference), send me a private message on discord at Deceptioning #3705, or send them to my email at [email protected]

On a second note, I will be flying over to Taiwan for a program from June 30th to July 22nd, so updates may become sporadic depending on my schedule.

by Deceptioning

Red Storm has finally hit 200 chapters! Woohoo! Thank you all for joining me on this journey so far and let's carry on like a storm to the finish!

by miraclerifle

Hi everyone,

I believe everyone has been waiting for this announcement since my last. Well, the time has come and all preparations are done for this step to be taken. With immediate effect, the weekly chapters will be increasing. There will be at 12 chapters weekly, 2 chapters on the weekdays and 1 on the weekend. As you guys have noticed, I have released 2 chapters for today. 10 chapters will be the bare minimum of chapters for us, but I intend to maintain it at 12 unless something happens. With that said, for those that are interested in supporting The Great Ruler, we have offered up to 24 advanced chapters for sponsor.

PS: For those that are unsure of how to sponsor for chapters, click on the VIP button on the top right and click on Sponsors.

by Thyaeria

Hey guys, happy Dragon Boat Festival! This is probably the third most important festival that comes after Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. So I've put up some contents about this festival in my release for today. You can go check them out under Chapter 465. I hope you'll find them interesting.

Also, I've just added another advance chapter tier. Thank you guys for supporting me and LOAR.

May the beer be with you. Go get some Zongzi if you can.   🍺

by Alcohol Sword Immortal

The martial world prize contest has come to an end, thank you everyone for entering!

Entries will be compiled and will be looked over. The two winners will be announced in a week or so!

by hyorinmaru

Holding a giveaway for the month of June. This might be the first of many more giveaways to come.

I am a strong believer that it is best to give away cash. As such, the prizes shall be visa gift cards! You decide what you want to purchase!

As the visa gift cards are only available for US residents, if the winners in the June giveaway happens to be from elsewhere, we will work something out. If a gift card to your location doesn't work, there is always a direct cash payment through paypal ;)

The Prizes
First place winner: $200 Visa Gift Card
Second place winner: $100 Visa Gift Card
Third place winner: $50 Visa Gift Card

You can choose to receive any other kind of gift card too. If Amazon gift card works better for you, I can get you that instead.

How To Enter
You can earn a total of 4 entry tickets through the following means.

1. Like and share Wuxiaworld's Facebook
2. Post a review on
3. Be a Sponsor of Martial God Asura...

by Yang Wenli


I hoped to bring you more positive news due to all the stuff I have been working with, unfortunately, things did not go as I hoped. 

My daughter had a surgery a week ago and it took her quite a long time to recover - which was the reason for my chaotic release schedule up until now, but just as I thought things would become normal, another family member has become very very ill. I cannot go into the details with it for her sake, but she is not doing good. She is someone who means the world to me, and to see her sick has made me very depressed. I am also spending most of my time together with her. 

This does not mean that I will not release chapters the next week. I will release chapters as often as I can, but there will be no specific time of the day when they will be released, and there will be days with no releases at all as you might have noticed already.

I am sorry that all of this has mixed on top of one another, but I need to look after my family when they are in need. I will return strong later and make...

by Tinalynge

Hello all readers! 

I'm back with my new novel, THE NOVEL'S EXTRA! 

Here's a quick link to the novel page!

Here's a quick link to the prologue!

I've read all your suggestions, but I came across this novel and I absolutely fell in love with it. While it has traditional Korean novel elements, its characters are much more refined and there is great character development throughout the story. The author has previously written the novel, A Monster Who Levels Up, and he has said that he has learned a LOT from this debut work. I'm caught up to the RAWs, and trust me, the novel only gets better.

This time, I will be doing advance chapters (no site-credit), so if you want to support me, support the series, or just read ahead, visit the sponsor page here! This is my first time doing advance chapters and whatnot, so do forgive me if I mess up somewhere.

Now, for the release schedule. Since I am doing advance chapters, I will be more prompt this time (have a couple of chapters in stockpile as well). There will be 5 chapters a...

by FudgeNouget

Hey fellow Linmaniacs, in celebration of the on-going move to in-house patreon, I’ve decided to hold a prize contest.

The contest is to create Magic the Gathering cards or DnD stat templates of at least five different characters and/or objects from Martial World.  Also, one of them must be Lin Ming! (And you can also choose other similar templates if you’d like as long as they are close enough.)  The two people with the best entries will win your choice of either a Nintendo Switch or Playstation 4!

This contest will continue until June 17th and at that time we’ll look through the entries and select the winners!

Feel free to post entries in the comments.

Examples are like this and this 

other games like yugioh or pokemon or whatever else are also fine

by hyorinmaru

Hey guys, we're back! 

For months now we've been working to balance posting more chapters for the readers and not burning ourselves out like we did with WMW (*Theo heard screaming in the background*). We finally have enough confidence to start increasing our output again, dishing out 2 chapters a day instead of the old 9/week.

In commemoration of that and our full move to the sponsor program, we're taking things up a few notches and are increasing the number of early access chapters to a whopping 50! This isn't solely an extension though, every existing tier now has more chapters than ever before. We're also adding more tiers, giving subscribers additional flexibility. So if you have the resources to spare, why not head to the Sponsor section to check it out?

We're also working on festive events like bonus chapters and competitions later in the year, so keep an eye out for that as well!

In other news, Patreon access is now effectively down. We won't be updating that site anymore, turning Patreon to a donation-only...

by OMA

Sorry this is much later than expected but May has been a busy month for me. Here I'll give details of what's going to happen.

Now first and foremost is the 140+ chapter back log. I'll admit that its not something I can realistically get out unless I completely gave up everything else and only translate which would probably kill me XD But keeping that long back log in every post isn't exactly helpful (as many kind viewer has pointed out) So with the shift from patroen to in house system I decided to go for more long term solution. I'm going to remove the back log completely but in return there will be changes that will benefit both free reader and those that choose to sub to the new in house advance chapter system (We really need a name for this thing).

First change going forward is an increase in base chapters a week. It will increase from current 10 to 14 chapters a week. So this means 2 chapter a day release starting next week. Now for people wondering about the chapter increase from patreon where I increase...

by Rex.

GZ here. NaughtyOtter was in a car accident so there will be no updates for either I Reincarnated for Nothing or Dragon Maken War for the time being. He said, "truck-kun came for me". He's in stable condition but in no state to be releasing chapters at the moment. Thanks for your understanding.


by Guan Zhong

Hi everyone,
This post is mainly for people that have joined or are about to join the Talisman Emperor sponsor tier.
I've decided to implement a minimum amount of updates per month for the top tier, and I'll announce the monthly total of chapters a few days before the month begins. (Minimum monthly updates will be at least 60 even in my busiest month.)
For example, I'll be promising 70 chaps updated for the top tier next month, and I'll announce different amounts each month according to how much time I think I will have. This means that the top tier will gain an extra 10 chapters when compared to the normal release or other tiers next month. 

So, chap count in June for Talisman Emperor tier = ch537 until ch606

Secondly, the month is about to end. All tiers with bonuses according to total number of sponsors will be reset to the amount of sponsors currently sponsoring. I'll be doing a reset like this at the beginning of every month, and there'll only be increases according to sponsors but no decreases if sponsors upgrade...

by InVader

The winners for the SOTR 1000 giveaway have been picked! We received over 300 entries and of those, 270+ qualified entries. There were so many thoughtful, funny, and savage reviews! I enjoyed reading them all, thank you guys for loving these novels as much as the translators do! In order of ranking:

#1: Dibbadri

#2: madokalyrical

#3: Cururu

#4: ziriafen

#5: piyush

We will be reaching out shortly and working our way down the list to have people pick their prize! Dibbadri you have until Sunday, midnight GMT +8 (that's noon, Sunday US EST) to respond before we move down the list~

Thank you all once again for participating. <3 <3 <3

Omg. Where's the confetti? Bring out the fireworks! LET'S HIT A PINATA FOR IT IS THE 1000TH CHAPTERVERSARY FOR SOVEREIGN OF THE THREE REALMS!!

Jiang Chen's Pokemon and old men harem dance par-tay!

First off, a huge THANK YOU for everyone reading this. I got started in November of 2015 and am still here 2.5 years strong, 1000 chapters later! (and a move from the US to Taiwan, TW to US, again US...

by etvolare