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Hello SLR readers~

Second Life Ranker is finally back and ready to start up again! 

Thanks a million:

Thank you all readers, old and new, for supporting SLR. It hasn’t been an easy journey to get to where we are, but since we now have the official backing of Dreambooks and Wuxiaworld, I’ll do my best to translate to everyone’s satisfaction;) Also, a big shoutout to my editor, MPL, for putting up with my (slipshod) translations, hehe. MPL has been working hard to re-edit all the chapters. Some of you may have noticed a lot of typos in chapters, but that’s because MPL didn’t get to them. I’m super grateful for how understanding everyone’s been while we go back and fix past errors:)

There are also a bunch of people behind the scenes that I can’t name because there are so many, but a huge thanks to you as well.

Misc. info:

I’ll be translating one chapter per day, no break days (yet)!

Again, not all the chapters are re-edited yet so we ask for your patience. We decided to release unedited chapters so we could have the newest...

by inyourgalaxy

As stated in the post title (XD), Dan has been working really hard that another advanced chapter tier is now available! Subscribing to it effectively means that you are on the same level as Raven/Alan and hopefully you can get your own Soldrake? :P

Once again, thank you for all the love you guys have been showering to Raven (I mean Soldrake) but yeah! Read on and hope you enjoy this novel (:

by Cosyjuhye

I've talked about it in the Translator Thoughts and no one believed me. I warned you guys and spoke out my fears! But all I received was laughter! Well, here you have it! Factual proof that some twat cursed the Rise Team! I decided that after six months of working on Rise just about every day, it was time for a few days off. I went to go camping. Shanks and Devshard were to take care of Rise during those two days. They assured me that everything was going to be all right!

Things did not go all right, which leaves us in this precarious situation. There hasn't been a chapter for a couple of days and I know many of you want to know what's going on. Let's start off with what happened to Devshard!

Devshard was supposed to take care of the chapters for Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, his fucked up sleeping schedule got the better of him. He overslept by five hours and his boss and boss' boss in the hospital were not amused. He spent the better part of the weekend making up for that and when he finally did have time...

by littleshanks

Hi everyone,

Today we've added a new advance chapter tier! Now you can gain access to up to 12 additional chapters. 

If you're enjoying the story so far, please consider subscribing and supporting the translation. If you have done already, thank you! 

by Jaspaaar

I know I was planning to start releasing 7 chapters a week next week but I had a bit more catch-up work then I expected coming back from my work trip. Fortunately, I have cleared most of it up so I should soon be back on track. Unfortunately, it does mean I will have to push back the weekly 7 chapters by one week and it will now start on the 13th April.

by rainbowturtle

Hello everyone. I am Pika, the translator who is currently working on Keyboard Immortal. RWX asked me to help out since starve was having a hard time, as my other novel Immortal Devil Transformation was finishing up soon.

Transitions are never easy. From reading all of the old chapters, getting used to the new writing style, to the translation lingo and other things, all of this takes time. I do not have an army behind me like many other translators, it is just me. I do not consider myself as great of a translator as RWX or starve, but I will do what I can to fill their shoes.

Thank you all for being so patient. I want to bring all of you more of this novel that brings everyone so much laughter, so many ridiculous antics and thrilling moments. Fr0std4ncer, an absolutely fantastic editor, is going to be helping me out to ensure a more polished experience for everyone after he catches up in the coming weeks. 

Thank you again for all of your love towards Keyboard Immortal. A bright future lies ahead for both our team...

by Pika

Hey guys, it's been a while! 

Kudos to everyone holding on the past several months, it's been tough for all of us, some more than others. No matter what, you did great so give yourselves a pat on the back.

Chapter 500

Chapter five-freaking-hundred. It may not look like much but considering how things haven't been moving we'll claim this mini victory so... *Fist-bumps*


In celebration of this milestone we are going to release 5 bonus chapters to thank all of you readers who've stuck by us and read this new(not anymore) book of ours. I think we all know what to expect for the next milestone.   

New Advanced Tier Added

Tier 10: Cruiser option has been added to the sponsor tiers. A few of you guys have been asking for it and so here it is! This will be able to satiate your addiction for our novel for the time-being(?!) Hopefully. In any case, we always advocate sponsoring within your own financial means and even if you're unable to, a simple comment or review on our novel will be truly appreciated. We do...

by OMA

Hi everyone!! Hope everybody is staying safe and stress-free! We've already hit 100 chapters of DPD. Woooo!!! I can't believe that we are almost a quarter done the novel :((. As promised previously, Chapter 101 was released as a bonus!!! Thank you for all your support and love for the novel, and I love reading through all the comments everyone is leaving! 

In addition, I've made a YouTube channel! And I'm going to advertise it! Woot! Here is the link! 

In the channel, I'll be talking about various topics of translating, Korean novels, me, my life and such shenanigans, so feel free to check it out! (and subscribe?, jokes you dont have to) I would love your input, so please check it check it and feel free to give me any feedback!!!!

Again, to all the readers, I hope we can continue to journey together through the remainder of the novel! Love you all!!

by DannTheMan

Hey everyone!

I’m BananaOoyoo, a new Korean translator on WuxiaWorld!

A bit of a background on myself: I’m from Korea, though I grew up in the United States. I have some experience as a translator and interpreter, mostly in professional and research type settings, but this is my first time tackling a full novel. (300+ chapters is pretty intimidating!)

Solo Leveling got me interested in web novels in general, and right now, I enjoy reading Overgeared. (Do you know God Grid?) It’s pretty crazy how the story’s at 1300+ chapters right now, and still going strong.

Anyways, I’m excited to be working on Dragon Poor, and it’s cool seeing it finally launch after a few months spent translating. My translation skills still need a lot of work, especially in this type of medium, but I hope you’ll all stick around!

(The author’s naming sense is as bad as his characters’. Sorrynot sorry)

Stay healthy and safe, and I’ll get back to translating now :)

by Bananaooyoo

And 160 of you showed up to say cow! We thought it was a lot of fun. We had so many cow puns, many of which were unexpected. We also had some cow stories, poetry, and other assorted creative endeavors with cow. None of which we expected! We figured a bunch of people would show up to post cow and go on with their lives. But it turned out to be a truly random and fun thing for all of us to do. AND WE ACTUALLY MANAGED TO DO SOME GOOD! We threw a ton of money at Doctors Without Borders. Not insane money or anything like that. But all in all, we'd call this a pretty successful first go-around at this whole charity fundraising thing. And we made a few mistakes that we learned from, so the next one will work out even better. 

We're throwing up all the receipts from the donations made to Doctors Without Borders on here, so you guys can see them too. We managed to raise a grand total of: $434! Some people decided to donate over the promised pledge, others stuck to the terms of the agreement. We decided to go with an inbetween...

by littleshanks

Hi everyone and welcome to My Civil Servant Life Reborn in a Strange World! My name is Sangwoo, a Korean translator on WuxiaWorld and I'm very excited to be working on MCSL! 

I'm a big fan of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese light/web novels of most genres. I first got into anime a long time ago, then manga, then the novels, you know, the usual progression.

This is also a rather short novel with only 406 chapters, which hopefully means it's packed with interesting content! Despite it being the old 'reincarnated' trope, it feels a little fresher with it's comedic take. I've so far found it pretty entertaining as I've translated it, and I hope you all will find it just as enjoyable~ 


by Sangwoosamuel


\|/          (__)         _(__)_        V
     `\------(oo)        '-e e -'__,--.__)
       ||    (__)         (o_o)        ) 
       ||w--||     \|/      \. /___.   |
  \|/                        ||| _)/_)/

We're serious.

Honestly? We wanted to do something dumb. Like making an announcement post where people comment cow for the lulz. Because why not? But in the process of talking about doing this dumb thing, it morphed into something else entirely. Now we're doing dumb shit to do some good in the world. 

Devshard wanted to make a stupid announcement post to blow off steam. The Rise Community also thought it was stupid. But he was insistent. So they decided to start pledging money for cow comments. And that sounded like a thing you do for charity. Which is how this unholy abomination of an idea was born. 

We decided to support Doctors Without Borders. The pandemic hasn't exactly been peachy for any of us. But we live in fairly comfortable parts of the world where we can chill inside...

by littleshanks

Hi friends, big news to tell all of you on this day of by birth:

We are approaching the last book, and the normal release is approximately two months away from completion. Fasten your seatbelts kids.

Ren asked me to help out with Keyboard Immortal since Starve was stressed out from overworking. If you're interested in a lighthearted story about a keyboard warrior who never runs out of ideas on how to troll others in a world of cultivation, I promise you'll have a good time.

Times are hard for everyone and I am just a poor chinese boy. If you can spare a tael of silver or even just a copper coin, then may the heavens bless you.

by Pika

Cultivation meets cyberpunk in my new series The Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. An ancient sect lurks in the shadows of a dystopian megacity, hunted by elite commandos. Mysteries abound, and fierce fighting will rage. Check it out now.

What people are saying:

"An excitingly fresh take on the cultivation genre."

"Brilliant world-building and good pace... worth a read!!!"

"You will be left wanting more."

by Deathblade

Forgot to put it in the chapter yesterday but its the 11th so first break day! Phew, that ends the 38 day straight posting for me. See you all tomorrow!

Rest of March break days:



by miraclerifle

Dear lovely readers of Phoneix's Requiem, 

We have opened a new advanced chapter tier that gives you access to 24 chapters!

Click here 

We thank you for the continuous support and love that all of you have shown for Phoneix's Requiem. It's your support that keeps us going (:

by Cosyjuhye

Hi everyone!

In just a short while, we'll be at 1000 public chapters! Just a little over 2 months since we celebrated our 1st anniversary! XD

I hope everyone is doing well, especially during these trying times. 

As always, my 1000 chapter milestones come with 14 bonus chaps. 7 today and 7 tomorrow.

P.S. Shameless plug as usual. Please do support the novel and get advanced chaps, or consider buying me a coffee! XD

Thanks for the support and enjoy the chapters! 

<3 InVader 

by InVader

Hey everyone, 

Sorry for the bad news. There will be no RR chapters in the week of the 22nd to 28th March. I have to go on a work trip to a rural area in that week which means spotty/no Internet and being extremely busy and exhausted. Updates will resume as normal once I come back. 

Sponsors, please be aware of this when subscribing or renewing your subscription.

Some slightly better news? Since EYEM is finished, I do plan to slightly increase the release rate of RR to 7 chapters a week. Was hoping to do more but work is getting busier. The change in schedule will probably be implemented on the week starting with the 5th of April to give me time to rest and recover from the work trip.

by rainbowturtle

Hey everyone, 

Sorry for the bad news. There will be no OG chapters in the week of the 22nd to 28th March. I have to go on a work trip to a rural area in that week which means spotty/no Internet and being extremely busy and exhausted. Updates will resume as normal once I come back. No mass updates when I'm back. I'm been on these trips before and I simply won't have the time or energy to translate the required chapters.

Sponsors, please be aware of this when subscribing or renewing your subscription.

by rainbowturtle