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It pains me to write this, but a day ago Tang Jia San Shao announced on his public 'Weibo' account that his wife, Li Mo, had passed away of breast cancer.  They were together for sixteen years and married in 2007, and they loved each other deeply.  Early in his career, whenever he was sick and couldn't update his novels, she would often be the one to log into his account to notify all his fans, and so she was well-known to the Chinese community but perhaps not very well-known here.

Many of you have read and loved Tang Jia San Shao's works.  He authored quite a few novels being translated on Wuxiaworld, including Heavenly Jewel Change, Legend of the Dragon King, the Unrivaled Tang Sect, Child of Light, and Skyfire Avenue, and I'm heartbroken for his loss.  Several days ago, on his private WeChat account, he posted this: "Right now, I truly wish that these novels are true, that we really can go back in time. More than anything else in the world, I want to be able to go back to when I was 18."  I didn't understand...

by RWX

Hey guys,

I don't know how many times I have to repeat this in the last year. Once again, I work in a hospital. That means hospital hours and irregular hospital shifts. I can't keep a scheduled posting time or day because I never know when I am able to post. (Edit: Advance chapters aren't translated so I can't use the auto-posting function since advance chapters have to be ahead by a certain amount.)

I promised 14 chapters a WEEK, not two chapters a day and I have always (mostly) kept this promise. Stop complaining if I miss a day or two.

by rainbowturtle

Talisman Emperor is finally a year old! Well it was actually around 13hours ago when the first announcement was made~

Quick shameless reminder before I announce the winners.
The subscription period for the UNLIMITED tier named 'Talisman Emperor' has been extended until the 1st of October!

Now for the list of winners.
The winner of the upgraded copy is EpicLegion!!! - (Claimed)

The four winners of the standard copies are:
Krazey - (Claimed)
Dave212 - (Claimed)
zedleeftw - (Claimed)
Laoshifu - (Claimed)

Congratulations to everyone that did win and sorry to everyone that didn't. Good luck in the next event I hold.
It was a really close RNG battle because I only received 9 entries from 8 people >..>

Winners, please send me an email with your game of choice and country of residence so I can buy the copy from the right source. I'll be sending all of you an email as well once I'm done with a few chapters for today. As mentioned before, you have a week to claim your prizes.

Thanks and enjoy the novel as usual!

by InVader

Whether you are a longtime fan of ISSTH or still in the middle of reading it, you will probably benefit from this video on the subject Immortal, God, Demon, Devil, Ghost: Definitions, Similarities, Differences. 

I discuss the topic of these five Chinese characters, and why I translate them the way I do. There are no spoilers in here about ISSTH or any other novel, this is purely informational about the Chinese language aspects.

Check out the video here!

by Deathblade

We have reached chapter 100!!! 

We will now conduct a popularity contest. The link is here

The results will come out at the end of this month! If you would like to see an option added, comment below and I'll add it if it gets enough request (i.e. comments/upvotes). 

EDIT: You can vote multiple times, so feel free to do so if you are that passionate :P 

by FudgeNouget

Hey guys, a chapter was missing from my raws site for some reason and I didn't notice because the next chapter still flowed on. Thanks to Imagine Breaker for pointing it out. 

I have added the missing chapter as 769.5 to not throw off the rest of my numbering and the weekly releases has gone from (8/14) to (9/14).

It is also unedited and I will replace it when the edited version when it is done.

by rainbowturtle


I've hit another mini-goal and this means... One more chapter fortnightly! (For those unfamiliar with the term, a fortnight is two weeks.) The current release rate is 7 a week and I'll be adding ONE CHAPTER ON MONDAYS FORTNIGHTLY for September.

-----I started on Wuxiaworld with 6 a week, then added one chapter per fortnight and went up to 7 a week. 

I've also added a new tier called 'Acupuncture' which rewards 15 advance chapters!

My hope is that TranXending Vision will hit a million monthly views by the end of the year. I'm still hundreds of thousands away though. Haha :D But we have months to get to a million views...! Unfortunately (or happily?) the end of the year means festive occasions and lots of traipsing from one relative's house to another - with no laptop. *inserts face of horror*

The time to stockpile chapters is now, so that I'll have something to post on the days when I pretty much have to sit in a corner doing nothing to be polite. Sigh. Then there's having to drag a tired toddler and grumpy...

by translationraven

Good day

I am Tinalynge, the author of Blue Phoenix, Overthrowing Fate and Condemning the Heavens. It is now almost September, and I have been releasing original content for three years.

Writing original stories have changed my life. I love writing, and I am so happy that so many people have taken the time to read my novels throughout the years.

To celebrate my three years of writing, I would like to hold a contest. This is an original writing contest.

The rules:

-        Anyone can participate

-        You must write the entry yourself, no collaborations

-        You are not allowed to write fanfictions or in any way write something that infringes on other’s copyright

-        It must be a short story, between a thousand and ten thousand words long. It can be the beginning of a novel as well. 

-        You give me the right to publish the stories, with credit to you.

-        You cannot have released it anywhere else.

-        English only

The Prizes

-        First place 

          Kindle Oasis E-reader Graphite with all...

by Tinalynge

In the blink of an eye, an entire year has almost passed. How we've grown from a launch of 43 chaps and 7/week release rate to over 600 chaps and 14/week.
I still remember how I used to struggle with the Author's strings of four characters, and how i used to click bait and get flamed by everyone.       
Anyway, time to get to the event post.


Special shoutout to Jay for staying with me all this time!!   

You'll find the events below:

1) The UNLIMITED tier named 'Talisman Emperor' will be reopened for everyone to subscribe to from now until the 1st of October! (Extended)

2) I'll be giving away 4 standard digital copies and 1 digital copy at the upgraded deluxe/croft/gold editions of new and upcoming PC games. The winners can choose from Monster Hunter: World, Shadow of The Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed Odysseys, and Darksiders 3. (Why these four? Because I'm playing and like them!   )

How To Enter

You can earn a total of 4 entry tickets through the...

by InVader

Hi everyone ^_^ Legion here!

We have a brand new MEN/Moe artwork for our sponsors! The link to the high-resolution wallpaper will be attached to Volume 5 Chapter 47, so be sure to check it out! It's not entirely set in stone, but the plan is to add one artwork each month as a sponsorship reward. With your support, we can add some colors to the world of Evernight and beyond!

Note: The link will be removed when the chapter comes out of the sponsorship queue!

Thank you for reading and sponsoring MEN/MoE ^_^ 


by -Legion-

Hey everyone, 

Book Eating Magician is now complete and another novel joins my every growing list of completed novels. Thank you for everyone who has joined the journey with me. I was intrigued with the concept when I first started reading and actually almost didn't translate it, due to two or three other translators having an interest in it. Fortunately, things worked out. There were moments when I had trouble translating the chapters and didn't feel excited about the story (cough, East Continent arcs, cough) but I never regretted picking it up. The ending scenes with Gluttony were especially satisfying for me. I hope everyone has enjoyed it as well. 

As for what's next? I am currently working on finishing off the Praise the Orc extra chapters that I have been procrastinating with. Expect to see them all released by the end of the week. I also won't be releasing a new series on Wuxiaworld for a bit. I still haven't picked a novel. My criteria is 'has many chapters (at least 400)' and 'has good ratings'. I currently...

by rainbowturtle

Greetings, Fellow Daoists! 

I currently release 2 chapters of AWE per day, for a total of 14 per week. However, I keep getting comments from sponsors and non-sponsors alike, asking for MORE. Well, dear readers, your requests have been heard. I will give you more, in the form of bonus chapters. 

As the title of this post suggests, the bonus chapters will be free (no sponsor goals attached, no donations, none of that). Furthermore, they will come as "ninja" chapters like in the good old days of ISSTH, meaning that they will be released at odd times compared to the normal release times. However, there is a catch. 

In order to unlock the bonus chapters, you readers will need to participate in some fun, light-hearted "challenges" that will take place in the comments sections of the chapters (and possibly some occasional challenges on social media). Each week there will be different challenges, the details of which will be revealed in the translator notes I leave at the ends of the chapters. To be clear, this is not going...

by Deathblade

Hey guys, 

Sorry for the late publishing of the results of the popularity poll. I was going to do it earlier and then I got sick, went on my holiday blah blah blah and completely forgot about it.  

The top 5 results for the Favourite Character poll:

  1. Grid
  2. Lord
  3. Piaro
  4. Lauel
  5. Faker

Remaining results can be seen in the pie graph below. 

Best Waifu Poll:

  1. Yura
  2. Irene
  3. Jishuka
  4. Euphemina
  5. Yerim
  6. Other (includes people like Braham, Jude, Sehee, Khan etc.)

by rainbowturtle

There will be no chapters before Saturday since I cannot get chapters edited before then. 

Thank you for your understanding as always. 

by Tinalynge

Hey guys, as you guys have noticed, chapters for TGR has been delaying for a few days so I thought I'd explain about that.

I have just released 5 chapters to make up for the past few days and will try to keep up with the schedule. There was just some personal issues that I had to handle and being sick for the past week as well. Now that I've gotten better, I will be getting back into translations! There might be a slight delay in chapters, but there is nothing to worry about it as I will make up for all the chapters that I owe!

by Thyaeria

Hey guys, 

I've been putting off uploading official art of the novel, but now that three are out for the main heroines(?), I thought I'd upload them.


I'll update it with more official artwork / high-quality version if I come across them. Feel free to email me ([email protected]) if you have high-res pics! I just screenshot them with my phone + crop. 

There will be a favorite character poll once the release gets to chapter 100 so stay tuned for that also! 

by FudgeNouget

Wow, my first translation comes to a close with that epilogue and author’s final words. It’s an interesting feeling to finish a series. I literally turned to my wife after translating the last part of the author’s final words and said, ‘I did it. I finished a series.’ 

I started this series at the end of June 2017 in the wuxiaworld forums, not knowing what to expect. I was interested in translating, enjoyed the Red Storm manhwa and saw that people wanted to see this series translated. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of my readers and patreon supporters, some who started with me in the forums, some who joined this adventure in the middle, and those who will hop on in the future. I’ve definitely come a long way since those first chapters in the forum. I hope that what started as more of a dialogue with the forum readers (I had way too many translator notes in the beginning and some spoilers) has become more “professional” as I reached these final chapters. If you do see spoilers or annoying translator notes...

by miraclerifle

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to remind everyone that the sponsorship tier called the Talisman Emperor Tier that provides full access to every single chapter I have as soon as I finish translating it will be transformed into an exclusive tier in the next few hours(Midnight today GMT+8).

Once it's transformed into an exclusive tier, only existing sponsors will be able to renew their sponsorship, and others will only be able to join the tier when I open it up for sponsorship on various different occasions.

P.S. If existing sponsors to the tier have problems renewing, or anyone has any questions, please feel free to send me a message on discord. Thanks!

by InVader

Hi everyone, I have a new sponsor reward for AWE, a beautiful high-resolution wallpaper depicting some of the cast of characters from chapter 831. The link to the wallpaper is in chapter 832. Sponsoring AWE not only gets you advance access to chapters, it comes with rewards like this amazing painting. Go check it out!

by Deathblade

Hey guys, 

The result for the 500 chapter event is here.

The winner is: Taveren. Congratulations to him, and thank you all for taking part in this event! 

The following are a few pics of the wine gourd. The baby gourd is very cute, right?

by Alcohol Sword Immortal

I've hit a mini-goal with regards to views and this means... SEVEN chapters a week for everyone! YAY! 

-----My old release rate was 6 a week, then I added two Sundays (previous mini-goal) and now there's going to be daily releases, starting 1st August 2018! 

It's been quite an eventful year so far with Wuxiaworld moving to a new platform, my little girl being born and the Wuxiaworld translators' retreat. Thank you all, dear readers, for sticking with me through it all. 

Spread the love for this novel and don't forget to favourite and subscribe! 

by translationraven

Hi everyone!

At the end of this week, the 5th of August, the Talisman Emperor Tier that provides full access to every single chapter I have as soon as I finish translating the chapter will be transformed into an exclusive tier. This means that from the 6th of August onward, only existing sponsors to the tier will be able to renew their monthly sponsorship in the tier, whereas, new admittance will not be open under normal circumstances. Yes, since I said normal circumstances, there are 'abnormal' circumstances. I'll be opening the tier up for sponsorship every now and then, or I'll give out invitations to join the tier to select existing sponsors in other tiers, or it will be opened up for sponsorship during certain events and occasions.

Besides that, TE will be having 21 chaps in total this week!! 14 regular chaps, 5 chaps from the 500 chapter milestone, and 2 more just because we're entering the Dark Reverie!!

P.S. Do check out my 2nd novel, God of Illusions, HERE!!

by InVader

Hey, I decided to take a look at existing tiers and bump the chapter tiers up a lil.


Soul Scholar=3>5

Soul Master=6>9

Soul Grandmaster=8>12

Soul Elder=10>15

Soul Ancestor=15>21

Soul King=20>30

Soul Emperor=30>42

Soul Sage=54 to 60 Chapters, depending on my stockpile. It is currently 60.

Once again, thank you to all the readers. I would never have made it this far without all of you.



by Seanboi

Hello everyone, we finally reached the 1,000 chapter milestone! That means we are almost halfway here! Thank you all for supporting and reading Renegade Immortal!

As a special thanks I’m doing a giveaway!

Prizes will be a $100, $50, and $25 dollar amazon gift cards.(Or other gift cards)

How to enter the event? You don't have to do all 4, each one you complete will be 1 entry to win. So you can have a max of 4 entries into the raffle! (Sorry if this wasn't clear)

  1. Post an honest review

  2. Like and share the Wuxiaworld Facebook

  3. Be a sponsor of Renegade Immortal

  4. Finally guess which one is me in the picture here Simply circle the face of your guess. I won’t tell you if you guessed right or wrong though.

Then email screenshot of your entries to [email protected] and what name...

by Rex.
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