We Require More Minerals (update on schedule)

Hey everyone! 

Here's an update about the situation with the stockpile of chapters. Unfortunately, it's running low, and we'll have to start winding down to a schedule of 12 chapters per week starting this coming week, and I'm afraid the situation may stay like this for the near future until we build up a healthy stockpile again. 

Currently, the plan is to do 5 x 2-chapter days and 2 x 1-chapter day so that you guys will have something to read everyday. The only decision that has to be made is whether to schedule both 1-chapter days together on the weekend, or to separate them (say one on wednesday and one on saturday/sunday). Since this involves you awesome readers, I'd like to hear from you guys. Do leave comments stating your preference (separate/together), and I'll take a count on sunday and announce the verdict!

PS: Please vote once only! Repeat votes don't count.