Hey all!

Sorry that it's been some time since you've last heard from me! Life has been giving me a bunch of scrappy lemons to clean up these few weeks, so juggling my day job with translating and also finding time (and not to mention motivation) to go exercising to keep my sanity about me has really taken up pretty much all the time I've had. 

That said, I've managed to scramble together a reasonably healthy stockpile of chapters. After some discussions with the management, we've decided that the first order of events would be to roll out another tier of sponsorships, together with revamping the entire system so that you guy can actually get down to being actual Emissaries of Hell as well! Look forward to that!

Meanwhile, I give the rest of the readers my word that I'll continue to press on to get more chapters out as soon as is possible. That said, since I don't like delivering half-arsed efforts, this goal will be secondary to maintaining the quality of translations. It is my hope that I can get some additional chapters out you guys over the next several weeks.

That's all from me for now! Till next time!