A special SOTR x WMW announcement!

Hellllloooo everyone! (this is the announcement I kept teasing to SOTR readers yesterday. :D)

In honor of WMW's 300th chapter, OMA and I are going to race starting from today to Nov. 12th. The inspiration for this actually came from when OMA casually mentioned to me that SOTR used to be ten chapters ahead of WMW, but now WMW is about ten chapters ahead. My eyes bugged out and I said wha?! So for the 300th chapter of WMW, I'm going to try to see if I can pull ahead of WMW again. Whereas I think OMA is going to try to break WW with releases? :D

We both think this might kill our editor teams (I think mine's already dead to prep for today's releases heh), but we're going to have some fun, and this will be the early celebration of SOTR chapter 300. SOTR x WMW race, start!

If you're not a current reader of WMW, you're missing out! It's a fantastic story translated beautifully by my friend OMA, so if you're ever waiting for an SOTR release because etvo fell asleep, go read Warlock of the Magus World!

<3 etvo