♟ WMW Chapter 529 - 530 ♟

It was an oversight on our part that a paragraph in 521 was wrongly translated. The error has now been rectified, and is shown as below. We would like to thank the readers for pointing out the discrepancy, and apologise for any distress that might have been caused over this mistake.

Rank 5 bloodline Warlocks were the highest ranking Warlocks in the entire central continent, and it was a reliant source of strength that bloodline Warlocks relied on to oppose the Breaking Dawn Monarchs.
And so... Here's a re-upload of 529 from before, and the regular chapter!

Chapter 9+10/14 for this week, as well as a preview for the next chapter.

Chapter 529 | Chapter 530 | Chapter 531 (Teaser)

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