VRMMO: Passing of the Sword Has Launched!

Hi guys, I’m incredibly excited to announce the official release of VRMMO: Passing of the Sword. After finishing up Douluo Dalu 2: The Unrivaled Tang Sect, my team and I decided to pick up a novel set in a virtual-reality setting, and we’ve found this one to be very enjoyable to both translate and read. Passing of the Sword is about our main character, Chen Feng, who sneaks onto a spaceship for 5 years during humanity’s migration away from earth. In his time there, he decides to enter a virtual reality game and take on the name of Blue Maple. Come along and enjoy as we witness our MC’s badassery and his climb to the top!

I'm personally a sucker for these kinds of novels, and I've really enjoyed seeing the antics that go on in this novel. We'll be releasing 2 chapters a day, so come read!