TCF is back + Author's note

Hello everyone, the author is starting to post chapters again which means TCF is back!

The author mentioned posting 3 times a week upon her return so that is our plan as well.

TCF will be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (Pacific Standard Time) between 8pm - 11pm.

The first chapter back will be posted on Monday, August 10th.

Hope you've all been well and let's return to Cale and his friends and their journey for him to be a slacker!

- Miraclerifle

Author's Note:

Hello, this is Yoo Ryeo Han.

Have you been well?

All of your words of encouragements have given me strength during this time.

I will now start posting chapters again.

My heart is beating as quickly as it did the first time I uploaded a chapter.

I hope that the chapters bring at least small amounts of happiness into your lives and that you read them with joy.

Thank you.