TCF Hiatus until August

Hello everyone,

The author has updated us on her situation and has informed us that TCF will be on hiatus until early August at which point she will most likely post 3 chapters a week for a while. 

She has mentioned a family member is sick, requiring her to be by their side. She believes that the situation will be extended for a while.

She even considered pausing the series until the family member gets better, as her family is the most important thing for her, but she quickly changed her mind. This family member who is sick was her first reader. That person has always been by her side since the start of this novel, which is why she cannot stop writing and will try her best to keep it going, even if it is at the slower rate.

Please send positive thoughts her way. I hope that her family member gets better soon.

Upon her return, we will resume posting chapters at the same pace of 3 chapters a week.

I have been advised that Chapter 582 (tomorrow, 581 is coming tonight) will be the last chapter posted until the series is resumed to keep sponsors ahead for their respective chapter counts.

Sponsors, thank you for your continued sponsorship and I completely understand if you choose to pause your sponsorship until the series resumes.

If you choose to maintain your sponsorship for the next month albeit the hiatus, thank you for your support during these difficult times.

Thank you all once again for reading the series and I look forward to coming back in about a month and a half to hopefully resume the series.