TCF Going on Indefinite Hiatus

Hi everyone, Ren here!  Alas, I come bearing some unfortunate news.  Effective immediately, we are putting the Wuxiaworld translation of TCF on hiatus, unlocking all advance chapters, and a week from now, we will be hiding all previously translated chapters on Wuxiaworld unless and until such a time as a new deal has been reached with the publisher and the author.  Any advance chapter subscribers can send a ticket for pro-rated site credit equivalent to the remaining value of their time.

As many of the older readers know, from as far back as the start of the year we have been in negotiations with the publisher and the author to procure the official license for this novel.  Actually, we found out later that the publisher had tried to reach out to us from last year, but they apparently ended up trying to contact one of the fake 'pirate' Wuxiaworld sites out there who ignored them, which initially caused some delays and some unhappiness (which I'm still miffed about - screw pirates).  However, contact was later made, negotiations were started, and they progressed smoothly enough that from the start of this year, both sides agreed that Wuxiaworld would begin sending monthly checks to them even though the final licensing agreement had yet to be signed - which we have been, like clockwork.  In the interim, we actually signed other novels from them, which you will see news about soon!  Unfortunately, as of just a few weeks ago, the TCF author made a final decision to end licensing discussions with Wuxiaworld for now.  To say that we are surprised and disappointed is an understatement - but, both Wuxiaworld and the Korean publisher will respect the author's wishes.

I expect there will be a lot of speculation from people as to why our dear author came to this decision in the end; I too share in this speculation.  There are a number of possibilities; for example, in the past two months, I've noticed a degree of anti-Wuxiaworld Twitter brigading from Korean TCF fans (which, based on some inside info, seems to be fanned from WW competitors).  However, in the end, the exact reason doesn't matter - the author has made her decision, and all of us are obliged to respect it.  The Korean publisher has offered to refund all payments previously made by Wuxiaworld, but I have made it clear that I would rather the funds be sent to the author as originally intended, and I hope that will be the case.

I know that a good number of current TCF readers are actually new to the Wuxiaworld, having come here from the TCF manhwa, and I'm saddened that this was perhaps your first experience with us.  However, it will certainly not be the norm, and we expect a large number of new and licensed Korean novels to be released within the next two months.  In the meantime, you can check out other popular Korean novels like Tomb Raider King (also translated by miraclerifle), the Second Coming of Gluttony, or our Chinese novels like Nine Star Hegemon Body Art or I Shall Seal the Heavens, the latter of which is a completed series which will be seeing an ebook and audiobook soon!  I hope you will be with us for a long time to come, and promise not to disappoint.

Finally, I'd like to share a message from translator miraclerifle: I am truly disappointed that I will not be able to share this wonderful story with all of you any longer. However, we must oblige with the author's wishes for us to stop the translation. I hope that one day someone will be able to finish this great story so that the international community is not left with 600+ chapters on pirate sites. Thank you all for your support until now!