TCF 300 Chapter Giveaway

Wow! We've reached the 300 chapters mark for TCF! The raws are going strong and currently at 386 and I can honestly say that I am enjoying where the story takes us next! (No spoilers though).

I wanted to do something special for this 300 chapter milestone so I went and had something created.

The artwork for this has been shared with the patrons for a while, however, this ONE OF A KIND pillowcase could be YOURS! 

Here are some ways I came up with for you to get included in the drawing.

1. Write a review on Novelupdates (good or bad, I just want your honest opinion!)

2. Be a sponsor for TCF (more entries based on tiers)

3. Be a patron on Patreon (double the amount of entries compared to being a sponsor as patrons don't get a consistent benefit)

4. Follow Baby Rifle on Instagram 

Please fill out this google form by August 15, 2019 at 11:59pm PDT to be included in the drawing!

Once all submissions have been accepted, I will give people numbers based on how many entries they get. 

For example, if Choi Han was the first submitter and he wrote a review and follows Baby Rifle he would get the first two entries (1 and 2). Raon who submits second and also wrote a review and follows Baby Rifle will get entries 3 and 4 so on and so forth.

Once all numbers are assigned, I will have Baby Rifle somehow pick a number between 1 and 10. This will be the number of times I randomize the list on the list randomizer. The number that is listed first will be the winner! 

If those were the only two entries and Baby Rifle chose 5, Raon would be the winner as entry number 3!

Best of luck and may you be able to enjoy this pillowcase to join Cale in his search to sleep on his bed and be a slacker!