Character Poll Results

Thank you all for taking the time to fill out the character poll (in what feels like ages ago. I blame Maso for being a punk and flaking on this.)

We had a total of 4098 submissions. Anything that did not make sense (i.e. putting Amiru Ubarr for favorite male character, was turned into lemonade).

I'm happy to finally share the results!

Favorite Character

Venion Stan. (Y'all seriously got some issues)

Second place naturally went to our beloved Dragon, Raon Miru.

Best Female Character

A lot of you seem to think Maso is a girl, but, sadly, IT'S A TRAP! Maso is a boy.

God of Death had some votes too but we don't have a gender for the God of Death. I always assumed it was a male by how he whined to Cage.

Lily Henituse took first place here (first the sadist and then the loli? Come on people!)

Second place was our dearly beloved Rosalyn.

Best Male Character

Venion Stan (He got first overall so how could he not?)

Second place was the scammer, Cale Henituse.

MxF Relationship

Thank you all for the love! Mrs Rifle and I are happy to accept this reward on behalf of the married couples all over the world!

FxF Relationship

...Litana x Ten. (You people do know Ten is a full panther and not a Beast person right? >.>)

MxM Relationship

Borderline Masochist and the 9 Wolf Children...(this is just wrong on so many levels)

Uhh well...glad to know we got some..."interesting" reader base... 

April Fools! I hope you enjoyed this fake poll results. The real one will be out later.