500 Chapters and Schedule Change!

Wow! We've made it to 500 chapters! To be honest, I didn't think it would get this far as the author first claimed that she originally planned on ending the story around 200, but here we are still going strong!

I would like to do a Q & A for this milestone so please ask any questions you may have to this post and I'll answer them! (Feel free to ask Maso any questions as well and I will bug him for responses).

On a sad note, we are almost caught up to the author so we are slowing down the release rate to 5 chapters a week. I plan on posting weekdays pacific standard time so that means today and tomorrow there will be no chapters (Saturday and Sunday PSD).

I hope to be able to answer any and all questions (no spoilers questions though, not that there are that many chapters to spoil) and thank you all once again for reading! Hope to hear from a lot of you!

(I won't be posting break day posts to let you know as it will be Saturday and Sunday every week)