Updates and Plans 2019

Hallo dear Readers!

I'm sure you've noticed the lack of updates in the past week and let me assure you that it's just temporary. I was away visiting my family for Chinese New Year and the schedule was much more demanding than I'd expected. I had a horrible combination of jet lag and tired babies, plus sweltering heat...
- I was only managing to fall asleep at the local time of 0300 to 0600hrs and waking up at around 1400hrs.
- Babies were also refusing to go to sleep and staying up till 0200 to 0500hrs.
- It was -5 deg Celsius when I left and 34 deg Celsius there...
- Swiss Air didn't provide baby hammocks for infants over 8 months old, so I had my baby on my lap for the 13-hour++ flight. And the person in front pushed his seat back too... T.T Effing brutal flight, that was. 

I'd thought that I would be able to do some work while I was there but noooo.... I'd vastly underestimated the severity of the potential delays to my schedule. 

On a bright note, I went around visiting some parts of my homeland with my babies and they seemed to like it. I also hosted a small barbecue gathering with the Wuxiaworld translators in the region who were great sports to come and hang out. (No pictures for the masses, sorry.) Shout-out to Invader, Lordbluefire, Wei and Yeow! 

I'll be working on making up the chapters I've missed so that we'll be back on track sometime. So that's some good news... and I'm sorry to say that you guys would have to expect some delays in the following months. 

Behold! The roller-coaster of my next few months. 

The plan is to reach Chapter 450 (sponsors) / Chapter 435 (free readers) by 28th Feb. Two chapters for every Monday in February for a total of 32 chapters.

--What will mess this plan up: Wiktoria is going to start on her Eingewöhnungszeit at a new daycare and this means 2 weeks of accompanying her to help with the transition. Also lots of packing to do.

The plan is to reach Chapter 485 (sponsors) / Chapter 470 (free readers) by 31st March. Two chapters for every Monday in March for a total of 35 chapters. 

--What will mess this plan up: We'll be moving out of our current flat into a larger one. It's going to be a painful process. How the hell did we manage to accumulate so much STUFF?! Also, paperwork. Ugh. 

The plan is to reach Chapter 525 (sponsors) / Chapter 510 (free readers) by 30th April. Two chapters for every Monday and Tuesday in April for a total of 40 chapters. 

--What will mess this plan up: Eingewöhnungszeit at the new daycare starts for Jan (Polish equivalent of John, not the month). Also all the unpacking and going to get new furniture, plus setting up the new place. 

Whoo! As you can see, I'm trying to increase the chapter output over time and I really hope I won't go crazy. But hey, once all these busy-busy stuff is done I'll be able to really focus. I'm also working on my own blog/site and ideas for a book but I'll share more when I have more time to work on these other projects. Needless to say the 100-chapter milestones won't be celebrated with any bonuses till I have more things settled. 

(Also I bet a whole bunch of you are reading this and thinking 'Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy'. Not my circus, not my monkeys.) 

TL;DR - ME BUSY LONG TIME BUT ME DO MY BESTEST. (Also I tend to plan stuff which never seem to ever go according to plan but that's life, eh?)

Mit Freundliche Grüße