The Second Coming of Gluttony Returns!!

Hello everyone! 

Yes, it is time! The Second Coming of Gluttony is returning, officially licensed by WuxiaWorld, for all of you to enjoy! 

Here are some things you should know! 

1. Introduction
Yours truly, FudgeNouget, will be translating this series (no surprise there!); dMomo will be the editor for the series.

2. Schedule
a) I will be translating 1 chapter a day with a break-day on the 15th and 31st of every month. For months that do not have the 31st, that obviously means no break.
b) A new chapter will come out at 9 AM, Eastern Time (UTC-5)

3. Support
This will be WuxiaWorld's first officially licensed Korean novel (though many more will come in the near future!)
Support this novel to directly support me, WuxiaWorld, the Korean publishing company, the author, and the future of Korean webnovel scene as a whole!
Any support is greatly appreciated!
P.S. Getting VIP supports WuxiaWorld. If you want to support me, consider directly sponsoring the novel instead!

4. Contact
The easiest way to contact me is via Discord. You can find me on the WuxiaWorld Discord Server. Feel free to join!
You can also contact my editor, dMomo, if you see any errors!

5. Changes
a) My editor is slowly working through the first 90 or so chapters and re-editing them (as they were not done by me). Feel free to message her if you want to let her know of anything!
b) If you haven't heard yet, I've changed the way the stats are done so that it is now clearer. Previously, it was Modifier-Rank; It is now Rank (Modifier). It is a lot more intuitive, so don't be confused when you see that.

And that's it!
I hope you guys are as excited about The Second Coming of Gluttony as I am.