Final Stat Change!


So my editor and I have been reading you guys' feedbacks in this downtime that the contract is being ironed out. We discussed many different options, and we finally came to a decision. We think this will make the system far more clear for all readers while looking really clean!

The system will now be Rank (Modifer). 

For example: Strength: Low (Low), Dexterity: Intermediate (High). "Mana stat increases from Low (High) to Intermediate (Low)"  

We think this system will be easy to understand for both new readers and old readers alike. Thanks to all who gave their thoughts and suggestions. 

My editor (dMomo) is slowly (but surely) editing the earlier chapters that were done by another translator since they have not been thoroughly edited before. Hopefully, this will make the experience much better for any new readers who might hop on aboard.