The Novel's Extra cover is finally out! (+more chapters per week)

The cover is no longer just a blue jpeg of nothingness! 

In other news, I am back from WuxiaWorld's Bangkok trip! I'm still a bit jetlagged though.

As I said in my last translator's notes, I will be increasing the number of chapters per week from 5/week to 7/week + random bonus chapters here and there. Not a huge increase, but it's a start! The chapters will still come around 4 PM Eastern Time (UTC -4). If there is a bonus chapter, it will come out around 10~11 PM. 

I'm also planning a contest of some sort, which I will probably do in a month or so. I will, of course, make an announcement post when the time comes. 

Meanwhile, share the novel, recommend it to a friend, and give it review on novelupdates! 

As always, you can contact me at [email protected] or message me on discord (I will try to be on TNE's discord channel more. Ping me if you need anything!). I'm also reading all your comments (some of them are quite funny), so do leave any suggestions/typo fixes!

Thank you to all readers! A big shout out to all the sponsors!!!!!