The Novel's Extra - COMPLETE

The Novel's Extra is hereby complete! 

It has been a 15-month journey. I don't even know where to begin.

First, let me thank all the readers who have read this story and my translation. When I first began to read this story, it only had about 45 chapters. It was around chapter 20 that I was starting to fall in love with it and around 50 that I began to love it. And around chapter 130, when Chae Jinyoon died, this novel had reached a Masterpiece status in my heart. I think I am speaking for everyone when I say that the story could have gone in a much better direction after the first half. 

I am left with a bittersweet feeling now that the story has been completed. Almost like finishing a long marathon that you cannot quit in the middle. I am happy to have found out how the story finishes. If I was not translating the series, I would have dropped the novel in the middle and perhaps read spoilers about how the story ended. As someone who loves novels, I cannot help but think what direction the novel could have gone had the author had a capable editor or an advisor... yes, almost like a co-author. 

But regardless, I hope you guys have all enjoyed the ride. The destination might not have been all that great, but the journey was something to remember for sure. 

A huge thanks to all my sponsors. Some of you guys have been extremely supportive, either through messaging me on Discord, commenting on chapters, or just being a sponsor for a long time.

Finally, shoutout to my editors Krazey, IllidanStormRage, and Asvare (an especially huge shoutout to Krazey!) You guys improved the readers' experience a whole lot! 

As for future plans, the author has stated that he may release 30~40 chapters of short side-stories when he is cured of his illness and is confident there will be no delays. If he does release additional chapters, I will translate them as well. Me and many other Korean WW translators are waiting to translate other novels. Hopefully, we will hear the good news to bring you guys more Korean novels!