Hello all readers! 

I'm back with my new novel, THE NOVEL'S EXTRA! 

Here's a quick link to the novel page!

Here's a quick link to the prologue!

I've read all your suggestions, but I came across this novel and I absolutely fell in love with it. While it has traditional Korean novel elements, its characters are much more refined and there is great character development throughout the story. The author has previously written the novel, A Monster Who Levels Up, and he has said that he has learned a LOT from this debut work. I'm caught up to the RAWs, and trust me, the novel only gets better.

This time, I will be doing advance chapters (no site-credit), so if you want to support me, support the series, or just read ahead, visit the sponsor page here! This is my first time doing advance chapters and whatnot, so do forgive me if I mess up somewhere.

Now, for the release schedule. Since I am doing advance chapters, I will be more prompt this time (have a couple of chapters in stockpile as well). There will be 5 chapters a week (for now), Monday-Friday at 4 P.M. U.S. Eastern time (UTC -4). I will also be more proactive in fixing typos and answering questions (that aren't spoilers) in the comment sections, so please do leave comments about them!

Overall, I hope you will come to love the novel just as much as I do (I'm quite crazed about it really). I have absolute confidence that you will. As always, thank you for reading my translation. There's always room for improvement, so I'm open to any and all criticism (as long as they're constructive!).
As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] or shoot me a discord message


P.S. I am going to sleep in about 15 minutes, so if there's any problem, I will handle them when I wake up!

P.P.S. The novel's cover is tentative, as the author is still working on it! It will be updated soon.