Advanced Chapters

Hey guys,

I have been ridiculously busy this two years. Perhaps the first six months was fine but when time past, I started to struggle with translations. However, I did not want to give that up as it was something that I enjoyed doing. But now, I will be announcing the standardised amount of chapters that you guys will be expecting and what will be going on in the next few months.

One of it will be that I will be translating full-time. There will be at least 5 chapters a week with 10 advanced chapters available for sponsor till mid June. Perhaps in between now till then I might released a few extra chapters here and there but the minimum chapters for a week to expect will be 5.

As I'm still pretty much busy till mid June. After mid June, I intend to speed things up a little like how I was doing two years ago. I will be releasing 10-14 chapters/week. (I'll plan my working schedule again since I'm going to translate full-time.)

PS: Advanced Chapters will also be made available on Patreon for this month and will cease to be available next. So remember to switch over from Patreon to Wuxiaworld's in-house advanced chapters :P