Finally, a news update! TGS is back!

The Grandmaster Strategist - Index

Translator: weirdo Editor: weirdo

Hello, everyone! Haven't seen much from this novel have y'all? Sadly, Tannhäuser has not returned. However, I have been allowed to continue the translation of The Grandmaster Strategist. I go by weirdo, or hweirdo, and you may recognize me from either the Gravity Tales or Wuxiaworld Discord servers. I am first and foremost an editor, but I've always been translating on the side to improve my Chinese. Enough from me, then.

So the latest chapter was published on April 1. No, it was not an April Fools' joke. Anyways, expect a chapter every other Friday or so starting next week. I'm still in school and not a very fast translator, and I still have editing duties on another novel. Sorry, don't have time or the skill to go faster. 

Thanks for all your patience, folks!