The End of Godsfall and Your Sponsorship

Salutations my fellow readers!

It’s coming – the end of Godsfall Chronicles. The winding, circuitous journey of Cloudhawk is coming to a close and in order to make sure everyone gets what they paid for, I am telling you when to expect discontinuing your auto-renew sponsorship if you choose to do so.

But before I do let me express my heartfelt thanks to everyone for your support and readership throughout this journey. This was one hell of an epic and I am proud to have taken this ride with all of you.

So without further adieu, this is when the final chapter will drop:

- Demonhunter; I am sorry for not letting you know a month in advance, as is WW policy. The time got away from me with all the changes going on. The good news is that the final chapter for you all should be available May 31st, just in time. If this has caused an issue please contact Wuxiaworld, berate me and ask for recompense and I’m sure it will be seen to.

-Seekers; Wednesday June 10th should be the final chapter.

- Mercenaries; can expect their epilogue on June 14th

- Scavengers; can pick out the end of the story on June 19th.

And at last but certainly not least, the remainder of my dear readers can expect to reach the end of Cloudhawk’s tale on or around June 20th.

Now I am a writer, not a mathematician and indeed if my job relied on numbers I would be homeless. Please forgive me if there are any errors, I will try to correct them as they are noticed. For those who may not get every dollar’s worth as we reach the end, I am sorry – but perhaps it is better to see this as insurance against last-minute story cliffs. Immediate access to the end of the story, no waiting with baited breath!

As we come into the home stretch I once again want to express my love and appreciation. Let’s see this thing through!