Mass-ier Release

Hi all, Ren here, sorry the mass release was slightly delayed, I made up for it with a slightly larger release!  Wedding is in two days, around August 24th, and that's been keeping me busier, as has jet lag.  I saw a few grumpy comments, and all of you are right to be grumpy with things getting a bit unstable again, but there's really nothing that can be done about it at present.  Xiao Lai has been doing a great job translating, but my editing duties for one novel, by its very nature, have to come behind my responsibilities to the site as a whole, and this has simply been a super busy month, even more so than usual.  Honestly, if I had all the free time I want, I'd be translating my own novel rather than 'just' editing and tlcc'ing with Xiao Lai.  When I was translating CD and DE, my responsibilities were to those novels first and foremost.  Nowadays, the pecking order of stuff I have to deal with goes wifey=>investors=>license holders=>site upgrades=>novel launches=>my 'personal' stuff, like TGC.  I'll always find time to 'make up' missed stuff, but I just can't guarantee perfect regularity in the short-interim.  I've been upfront about that, it just is what it is, and I'm very sorry about it!

Long term, we're probably going to transition TGC editing over to someone else working with Xiao Lai, and that'll smooth out things even more, with me on standby as an 'advisor' for stuff XL isn't sure about.  Let's say a month?  Meanwhile, thanks for your patience, and I'll talk to you all in 48 hours as an officially married man :D