Godsfall Chronicles Fully Released

Hey guys, we just did a mass release of the last five chapters of the Godsfall Chronicles, because they deserved to be read together.  The Godsfall Chronicles is now complete, and I have very mixed feelings about it; sad, happy, and a bit disappointed in myself that GFC never reached the popularity we always hoped it would, for whatever reason (and Xiao Lai, as you all know, is NOT one of them).  You can see a final note from both the author and Xiao Lai here, as well as my own thoughts in comment form.  I started it, and Xiao Lai has done an absolutely tremendous job in finishing, and we all owe him a tremendous thanks, me more than anything else.  This will also be his last novel on Wuxiaworld for the foreseeable future, as he is going to be very busy setting up his own traditional Chinese medicine clinic in Florida.

The last thing I want to say is that Book 1 (The Wastelander), Book 2 (The Elysian), Book 3 (The Anarchist), and Book 4 (Darkness and Light) are now up on Amazon; Book 4 will be coming up soon as well, Amazon has (hopefully) temporarily blocked pending verification that Wuxiaworld is the legitimate license holder, as there are so many pirate websites out these days.  All I want to ask is for everyone to go buy the ebooks, and even more importantly give honest reviews of them on Amazon; many book advertising services require X number of reviews before we can add them, and so we need a lot of reviews.  GFC didn't blow up on Wuxiaworld; let's do our best to make it blow up on Amazon.  

Thanks so much, from the bottom of my heart, to our readers and Xiao Lai.