GFC On Kindle Unlimited & More

Hi readers, Ren here! I have an important announcement to make.  A month from now, roughly around April 25th, the first five books of the Godsfall Chronicles will be going on Kindle Unlimited, for reasons I'll explain below.  Kindle Unlimited, by its very nature, requires exclusivity, and so on April 25th, for a period of 3 months (which may be extended based on performance), Books 1-5 of GFC will no longer be able to be read on Wuxiaworld (VIP and former sponsors/subscribers will still have a form of access).  Book 6 and Book 7 will remain on Wuxiaworld, so ongoing readers should not be interrupted.  However, since Kindle Unlimited only prevents us from distributing the novel during our deal with them, we are fine to do so up until April 25.  Thus, from now until then, this link (now removed!) will be valid for any current GFC readers to download a quick'n'dirty PDF version of the first five books of GFC.

There are two primary reasons why we are doing this.  First and foremost, GFC is a 'proper' novel in the sense that each book is clearly defined and has a prologue and an epilogue (unheard of!), so I strongly suspect it would be a good fit for Amazon and I want to test it out.  Secondly, I'm going to be completely frank; Xiao Lai is one of our best translators, and he deserves every dollar (and more) that he's been paid, but the reality is that on Wuxiaworld, GFC has been super niche, and since the very first month it has been a revenue-loser for us in translation/editing costs alone, not to mention licensing.  It simply doesn't have enough readers, and I'm really hoping that we can bring in some more on the current books (and therefore on sponsorships, which generate the bulk of the revenue).

Since the goal is to bring in more readers, we would be remiss not to put it on the Kindle Select/Kindle Unlimited program... but that requires us to stop publicly offering it on Wuxiaworld for a time.  Hence, a compromise - since the goal is to get more readers rather than forcing the existing ones to pay, we're putting up this quick'n'dirty PDF for free, so all of you have a resource to continue to read and/or go back and look at stuff later.  It might lower our Amazon revenue a bit, but I'm willing to accept this cost.

These are going to be some really bitchin' ebooks, and we've been hard at work on editing and on the cover art.  I'm going to give you guys a sneak-peek of what you have to store if you choose to buy on Amazon.  We'll have a full site-wide announcement when they come up in a month.  Cheers, and hope y'all become buyers in a month - we actually got physical rights for GFC, so if it does well, I pinky-promise that we'll be doing physical editions for it, our very first!