Are You Tired of Updates Yet?

This will (hopefully) be the last major update for a little while. This time it's to let you all know that I, Xiao Lai - translator, poet, lover - will now be taking full responsibility of this novel and its releases.

What does this mean for you, the reader? It means more consistent releases! Don't believe me? I understand, but I will inspire you to trust again my friends! For those who are unaware I have been translating TGC since chapter forty or so of book 1, so you will see no change in tone or quality. You will receive exactly the same product you know and love. I will add that I am still learning how to use the backend of the new website, since I never had to before, so please forgive me if there are some hiccups as I learn my way around. Feel free to ping me on discord if there is a problem, I am active in the chat.

With that said, tell your friends! Your loved ones! Your bosses! Your Pets! Godsfall is here and waiting for your hungry eyes!

Xiao Lai