An (Un?)Fortunate Rengagement

Hey guys, I owe y'all an explanation of what happened.  In short - I had a little trip up to a camp in the Arctic Circle in Alaska.  The place was supposed to have satellite wifi, and I was going to post regularly from there, so I didn't think there was a need to post anything in advance.  Alas, shortly after I arrived, the damned internet went down due to some router problems or something like that, and there obviously wasn't any place for our hosts to get a new one on such short notice.  I had prepared two phones and a cellular iPad, all on different carriers, and none of them ended up having reception there.  Now that I'm back in what passes for a big town, I have internet again and hastened to post.  So, so, so sorry!  I'll work to see if we can add a week of extra time (or, for sponsorships which lapsed, a week's worth of credit - please post here) for any sponsors!

As for what I was doing there?  Weeeell... let's just say that it was a (R)engagement ploy, and I am now officially Ren-gaged to a beautiful fiancee, and we got some rockin' aurora pictures out of it as well :D

Thanks again to everyone, and mucho apologies for the delay!  New week starts today and we'll get to posting with posthaste!