May Chapter Relase Rate

Hi everyone, hope everyone had a great April! I just wanted to quickly put up this post to know that for the month of May, we will be limiting our release rates to 7/chapters a week instead of 14. Unfortunately, many of my friends/family have been affected by COVID 19, and as such, I'm doing everything in my power to help support them, care for them, and just make sure they are ok. This has really eaten up a lot of my time, making it tougher to keep the TL rate up.

 I just wanted to make this post to make sure to give all my loyal readers a heads up, and if sponsors want to cancel for a month, I understand as well (will still be chapters ahead, just at a slower rate now), I think it's ok for everyone to save on some cash as needed in these unprecedented times! Thanks to everyone for understanding, and I promise you, we'll get through this together! After everything is over, drinks, as usual, will be on me :slight_smile: Cheers!