CoSP Announcement!!

Hello all! Big announcement here! But before I get into that a bit... lemme talk about some other things for a bit. For all my current readers, you'll know that it was a rough 2018 for me. I had a lot of family problems, and some relationship problems. That kinda sent me into a spiral, but I still tried to keep up translating. You, the readers, were a big part of helping me focus on something and keep going. So for that, thank you all. To any new readers, I love ya'll as well! As a huge thank you, I spent the past 3 or so months moving heaven and high water to get my life schedule correct- this'll let me translate more and help everyone! As you have kinda noticed from februrary, I've pretty much been releasing 2 chapters a day. I'm happy to announce that this release rate is here to stay. So starting from today, everyone will be getting 14 chapters a week, different from the usual 3-7 a week of last year. As part of this, I've also started VIP! So if you'd like to support, that's awesome (would help me pay rent)! If not, no sweat. I value all my core readers, so I upped the release rate for everyone. 14 chapters a week is here to stay. Happy one day after valentine's day, and cheers! 2019 will be our year. Grab a drink, kick back, and live in the now. Thanks for reading this!

Edit: Wow, what an overwhelming response- I'm shook. Thanks once again to everyone! I'm trying to reply to a lot of the comments!